Tig-Le House Newsletter – Coming up third term July 2022

Hi friends of Tig-Le,
I hope you are well and happy.
It is the time of year when the winter aspects of our human depth open naturally as we head into the mid-year with cooler wet weather and longer night hours, following the natural cycles, drawing the energies inwards, revealing the inner mandala. In bringing mindfulness to the patterns of Earth and nature it allows us to move purposefully with calm, kind attentiveness through the changing seasons of worldly experience.
I am currently transitioning through into the next phase of private retreat with one month of silent solitary practice beginning next week. Thank you for affording me this time to immerse, it is a wonderful opportunity.
Below is an update on what is coming up for third term when we recommence starting Tuesday 19th July through to Thursday 22nd September 2022. I look forward to gathering then, sharing practice with Sangha, friends, and new faces.
Stay warm and cosy, keeping your practice alive shining a light on this precious life within and all around us.
Ian Hackett – director and teacher at Tig-Le House.

 Images below by Timbo Roberts Art, taken on the 5-Day Mindfulness and Nature retreat at Fair Harvest Permaculture April 2022.
Weekly sessions
Tuesday morning – Mindfulness 9am – 10am, 19th July to 20th September 2022. Open house sessions, all welcome, no booking required. Taught as a building practice, there is benefit in attending weekly. Cost is Dana (a freely offered supportive financial contribution). Suggested $10 – $20/session.
Wednesday morning – Mindful walking group 9am – 10am, 20th July to 21st September 2022. Free community walks. Various locations. Instruction on mindful walking followed by silent walking in nature.
To get details of locations please contact: tiglehouse@gmail.com or join Tig-Le mindful walking group Facebook
Wednesday evening – Mindfulness 8-week training program 7pm – 8:15pm, 27th July to 14th September 2022. Bookings required and are paid online via a sliding scale. Please select freely the amount that suits your financial needs. To book please visit Mindfulness 8-week training program (tiglehouse.org)
Week 1 – Introduction, intentions, aspirations
Week 2 – Patterns of engagement
Week 3 – Mindfulness of feel
Week 4 – Mindful breath
Week 5 – The Senses
Week 6 – Mindfulness of Mind
Week 7 – Practices for integration
Week 8 – A living practice
Thursday morning – Universalist dharma studies and practice 9am – 10:30am, 21st July to 22nd September 2022. Open sessions, no booking required. This term we are working on the practices for the development of compassion through the Puja to Chenrezi text in the spirit of the secular and sacred Tibetan Mahayana tradition. Cost is Dana (a freely offered supportive financial contribution). Suggested $10 – $20/session. Enquiries: tiglehouse@gmail.com
Upcoming Retreats
5-day silent meditation retreat 10th – 14th October 2022 @ Fair Harvest. 
This is a silent retreat: Engage with traditional and contemporary secular and sacred ancient dharma mindfulness and meditation teachings and practices including visualization, word mandala, mantra, mudra, walking meditation and more. These teachings are a vast treasury for our shared humanity. Bookings at: 5-day silent meditation retreat (tiglehouse.org) As our ‘duty of care’ to your health and wellbeing, for this retreat ALL participants must have attended pervious mindfulness training through Tig-Le House at either one of our weekly community sessions, previous retreats, or through our private training sessions. *If you are unsure as to your attendance, before booking please email us at tiglehouse@gmail.com
Mettā meditation weekend: Holding life dear 11th – 13th November 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Mettā (Pali.) in the context of mindfulness speaks to the ever-present possibility to hold all aspects of this life and our experiences of living dearly in our hearts, as a good friend. An extension of our mindfulness, our Mettā qualities within show us the potential for a deeper friendship, for love and kindness, with ourselves, others, human experience, the World, this life. Practice helps us to find meaningful sources of love and kindness within our own lives, to find the freedom to live filled with greater tenderness and goodwill. Experience with mindfulness is highly recommended. Bookings here at Metta meditation weekend – holding life dear (tiglehouse.org)
Private individual and group mindfulness training and mindful counsel sessions by appointment. Tig-Le supports many individuals, friends, families, professionals, local businesses, Not-for-profits, and community groups offering support through mindfulness training and practices. Contact us to find out how we can assist tiglehouse@gmail.com or 0408952151.
Well wishes everyone from the Tig-Le House family.
Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletters.
Tig-Le House is located at: 11 Tingle Avenue, Margaret River, Western Australia, 6285.
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