Resources and offerings

By purchasing and downloading a resource or offering you are supporting the on-going community work done through Tig-Le House.

Thank you, we deeply appreciate your support.

These resources, including booklets, texts, audio and video files are written and produced by Ian Hackett and friends of Tig-Le House.

There are both traditional and contemporary expressions sharing mindfulness and meditative practices. Secular and sacred in nature, they include mindfulness and Buddha Dharma teachings, contemplations, Pujas, Sadhanas and more.

These teachings and practices support modern daily life. They can be understood and applied universally remaining relevant across time, place and culture. With recognition and respect to their origins, they are designed to preserve and celebrate principles and learned knowledge.

These wisdoms of the human spirit, sacred dharma teachings, when understood and applied well are beneficial to the development of a compassionate peaceful human culture and societies, deepening our understanding of the nature of life and living.

“It is our capacity for mindfulness that allows us to see the wisdom intelligence inherent in life itself, supporting us to develop ways of communicating and celebrating these wisdoms, contributing to health, peace and Refuge personally and collectively.”

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