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These resources, booklets and texts written by Ian Hackett of Tig-Le House are contemporary expressions of mindfulness and meditation practices included secular and sacred Buddhadharma teachings, contemplations, Pujas, prayers and Sadhanas.

These practices are expressed in the context of modern daily life while universally relevant across time, place and culture, with recognition and respect to their original sources.

These writings are designed to preserve and celebrate principles and learned knowledge, wisdoms of the human spirit, jewels of our humanity and the sacred dharma teachings; considered beneficial to the development of compassionate, peaceful human culture and societies leading to deepening understandings of the nature of life and living.

“It is our capacity for mindfulness that allows us each to see the wisdom intelligence inherent in life itself, and it is this same mindful mind that allows us to develop ways of sharing and communicating these wisdoms that contribute to the possibilities of peace at every level of experience, both personally and collectively.”

Puja’s are a form of sacred song, a tribute and celebration in honor of the mystery within life. Puja ignites our intention to cultivate compassionate peaceful ways of living and the pathways of wisdom leading to health and peace. They can be practiced in groups or individually.

Sadhana’s are meditative texts written on a specific idea of enlightened potential within the human birth. Each one is an expression of sacred art and theatre of the mind; a ceremonial exploration involving the imaginative mind. Sadhana as a meditative tool reveals ever-present awakening possibilities that live within the human experience. There are many Sadhanas.

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