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Mindfulness and meditation retreats, training and practice sessions

Term 3, 2024
During the third term at Tig-Le, our schedule runs slightly differently than
usual as we take some time out for personal retreats, rest, and respite. Instead
of our regular weekly sessions, we host weekend sessions on mindfulness,
meditation, mindful walking, dharma teaching, and retreats. The specific times
and dates for these sessions are announced in our emailed newsletters.

This term will feature:

Wongkur Ceremony: A form of Sacred Art and Theatre of the Mind in the
Tibetan Buddha Dharma tradition, the Wongkur ceremony involves specific
meditations and teachings that celebrate archetypes and principles from the
Tibetan pantheon.
Mindful walking: We will go on longer mindful walking outings at various
Mindful Walking Weekend Retreat: This retreat is from August 16th to 18th at
the Origins Centre in Balingup (details below).

Upcoming Retreats

Mindful walking weekend: Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of August. On the second weekend, we focus on becoming familiar and comfortable with techniques of mindful walking. Mindful walking aids us in fostering a mindful relationship with the inner and outer nature of experience. Mindful walking weekend retreat August 2024 at the Origins Centre

5-day metta meditation retreat: 7th – 11th October 2024 @ Fair Harvest. Mettā can be translated as “the ever-present possibility for friendship.” and is a natural extension of our mindfulness. Practice helps us find meaningful sources of love and kindness within our lives, enabling us to live with greater tenderness and goodwill. During this 5-day semi-silent retreat, we walk through the specific meditational stages that help recover our deep love and affection for life and living. A deeper friendship and friendliness with our own lives, others, society and planet Earth. Booking link 5-day Metta meditation retreat October 2024 at Fair Harvest

Meditations for enriched awareness of nature: Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd of November. On the third weekend, learn techniques that incorporate features of mindfulness, universalist Ecodharma, meditations on nature and practices derived from indigenous knowledge systems. These practical training and teachings expand and enrich awareness of the natural world. These practices have been handed to me directly and are shared with permission, acknowledging the sources of wisdom and teaching. Meditations for enriched awareness of nature November 2024 at the Origins Centre

Over the three weekends, these techniques will build and merge together into a fullness of practice.

Visit the Origins Centre website to see the centre and find information about staying onsite Staying at Origins – THE ORIGINS CENTRE

Have a look at the Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm website to see the venue and information about camping onsite

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