Tig-Le House – About Us

Mindfulness and meditation, Dharma House, Buddhist studies – Margaret River WA

Tig-Le House is an independent community-based Dharma House located in the Margaret River Region in the southwest of Western Australia. We offer regular secular, contemporary, and sacred traditional mindfulness and meditation teaching and practice sessions under the guidance of Dharma teacher Ian Hackett.

Along with private individual and group training, we share mindful guidance, counsel, and coaching and run regular mindfulness and nature, meditation and Ecodharma retreats in partnership with local friends at Southwest venues.

Our focus is to share practical training techniques that empower, protect and sustain good mental, social and ecological health in support of individuals, families, social and community groups, workplaces, communities, and environments. Our teachings and practices come from the Universalist Buddhist Dharma tradition.

We are an independent self-reliant community group, not a business, not-for-profit, charitable or religious organization. We do not receive grants or external funding and do not charge a fixed fee for sessions or teaching. We operate on Dana contributions offered by those who attend practice; suggested contributions are a guide. Dana is the gift of freely given exchange, the wisdom of shared value and benefit, a voluntarily prosocial economy.

Through Tig-Le House we work within the community on collaborative efforts to encourage and promote suitable creative expressions of mindfulness and meditative training; practices that are relevant to modern human culture and society as valuable tools for a deeper understanding and expression of mature compassionate activity in the world.

Mindfulness is foundational in the development of a healthy humanity working for a globally healthy, just and peaceful world.

All people are welcome at Tig-Le House.

Every life is a valued gift to this world.

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