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Mindfulness and meditation, Universalist Dharma House, Buddhist studies

Margaret River WA

Welcome to Tig-Le House, an independent community-based Dharma House nestled in Margaret River, Southwest Western Australia. At Tig-Le House, we offer a range of mindfulness, meditation, dharma teachings and practice sessions inspired by the Universalist Buddhist Dharma tradition under the guidance of Dharma teacher Genyen/Upāsaka Ian Hackett.

Our offerings include regular secular, contemporary, and sacred traditional mindfulness and meditation practice sessions supporting individuals, families, social and business groups, and communities. We share practical training techniques that empower, protect and sustain good mental, social and ecological health. In addition to regular practice sessions, we provide private individual and group training, mindful counsel and guidance.

Deeply rooted in the spirit of community, Tig-Le House collaborates with local friends, centres and businesses, hosting mindfulness training, mindfulness and nature retreats, and Ecodharma and meditation retreats at Southwest venues. Through these workshops and retreats, we aim to cultivate authentic connections and promote ecological perspectives of mindfulness, fostering life-affirming relationships between humans and the natural world.

As an independent and self-reliant community group, Tig-Le House operates on the principles of Dana, the art of freely given exchange. We do not seek grants or receive funding, and our sessions and teachings are offered without fixed fees. We keep retreat costs to a minimum and encourage voluntary prosocial contributions from those who attend our regular practice sessions, ensuring that the teachings remain accessible to all.

Tig-Le advocates for the integration of mindfulness and meditative practices into various facets of modern human culture and society, serving as a foundation for health and peace, cultivating mature, compassionate activity, and fostering a sense of interconnectedness among all living beings.

All people are welcome to come and join us, irrespective of background or beliefs. We recognize the inherent value of every life and strive to create an inclusive space.

Every life is a valued gift to this world.

If you would like to support Tig-Le House, you can make a Dana contribution, gift, or offering via the following link.

Dana contribution, gift or offering | Tig-Le House (tiglehouse.org)

All contributions go 100% to running community mindfulness and mediation training sessions through Tig-Le House.

Your support, offerings and involvement are deeply appreciated.

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