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Mindfulness, Meditation, Ecodharma, and Nature Retreats

“When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, stripped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty” John Muir, “Travels in Alaska”, 1915.

Each one of us has so much knowledge of earth and nature. It is inherent human knowing, gifted us by this very birth, our sacred dialogue with life. 

Our minds are continuously involved in this inherited sacred dialogue, whether we have awareness of it or not. We each have an individual personal relationship to life and the living world that is not in isolation from a shared collective human experience, an evolutionary relationship with other species, to the living planet and life itself. 

Bringing our capacity for a deeper mindful awareness and caring attitude to this dialogue builds the bridge and bond of connectedness, the emergence of a holistic healthy engagement with this life and the nature of living.

Mindfulness and Nature Retreats

On Mindfulness and Nature retreats we explore the foundations of contemporary and traditional mindfulness practices; meditative exercises; nature immersion; and simplistic creative activities that help us remember and re-integrate with a healthy relationship to daily life and this living World. 

Through the practice of mindfulness, actively remembering and participating in this sacred dialogue, our innate relationship to the natural world, we are working for the health and peace of all forms of life. 

Ecodharma Retreats

Are a creative exploration of contemporary and ancient mindfulness trainings and meditative practices within a universal secular Buddhist tradition, applied in a time of ecological and societal crisis which can assist the emergence of life affirming individuals, human societies, and cultures. 

Ecodharma defined:

Eco – Doing no harm to the living world. A caring and friendly involvement with the living environments and ecological foundations of life.

Dharma – Practices and teachings arising from the understanding of nature and phenomena that support increasing wisdom knowledge and compassionate activity in the world in the continual development of all-encompassing global health and peace in every aspect of reality.

Ecodharma – The purposeful development of ecological ethical conduct as an aspect of mature compassionate consciousness.

Meditation Retreats

These retreats explore various Buddhist meditation and contemplative practices that expand and extend our mindful capacity. They include: 

Metta Meditation – The possibilities for deep friendship, love and understanding extended to all lives and the natural world.

Mindful Breath – Building awareness of the breathing body of life through connection with our own breath, the breathing aspects of nature and the cycles of existence.

Open integration retreat – Integration of mindfulness, metta and mindful breath into everyday life and living.

*We take very seriously the deep nature of the ideas and practices involved in meditative trainings and the need for safety and stability, so other retreats and practices are shared as required when opportunity presents and understanding grows.

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