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Ecological mindfulness – designing human ecologies

“It is such a gift to know of the great value, preciousness, and rarity of life and to find deep respect and appreciation for the processes that generate and sustain life on Earth. When we have seen or experienced the harms of lost care, or the benefits of good care for ourselves, naturally a deepening care for the lives of others, all species, and the natural world becomes increasingly a central focus.”

Environmental services – Regenerative bushland management, revegetation, property consultation and permaculture design.

At Tig-Le House we consult and design on environmental projects including regenerative bushland management, native plant ecologies and revegetation, and property consultation and permaculture design. We incorporate ecological sensibility with functional utility. We use a mindfulness-based approach to environmental works. This means designing and creating realistic, adaptive and resilient systems built on ecological principles with consideration to low impact, minimal resource consumption, in the creation and regeneration of ecologically healthy systems incorporating meaningful human activity for the benefit of the Earth biome and ecosphere.

Ian Hackett has a combined urban and rural farming background and formed a deep knowledge and understanding of natural environments, urban and rural landscapes at a young age.

Having worked in landscaping and gardening as well as on varying farming properties in the WA wheatbelt, Ian completed a Certificate in Agriculture before moving into environmental weed management programs on WA’s Northern Kimberly river systems in 1989.

In 1996 Ian completed a Permaculture Design Certificate along with Wwoofing with Bill Mollison at Tagari, Tyalgum NSW, before going on to design and implemented permaculture projects in Northern NSW and volunteering at the Lismore City farm. Ian has studied and worked in bushland regeneration in Northern Queensland and NSW on Environmental training and employment programs.

Moving back to WA, Ian established a wholesale organic vegetable seedling nursery, cropping, and permaculture farm near Donnybrook. He has completed 4 certificates and a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management specialising in Natural area restoration, conservation, and Bushland Regeneration. He has designed and managed both private and community landcare and bushland regeneration projects in the Southwest since 2000.

Permaculture Design Courses at Fair Harvest

Ian currently lectures in Ecological principles, Zone 5 Natural forests, Native plant ecologies, Regenerative bushland management, and Zone 00 Designing inner ecologies on the Permaculture Design Certificate courses at Fair Harvest Permaculture in Margaret River.  Fair Harvest Permaculture

Contact Tig-Le House to see how we can help assist you to create healthy ecological systems and designs for your properties and projects.

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