Celebrations and ceremonies, mindful healing community

Celebrations and ceremonies, community, families, newborns, weddings and memorial services

Tig-Le is an active community member. We collaborate and support community initiatives in times of need engaging with social and community groups, committees and religious organizations for healing and resilience activities, adaptive efforts for responsible social change and health. Join one of our community events or workshops which you can see on the schedule / calendar page https://tiglehouse.org/schedule-calendar/ or by booking online through the Retreats & Events page https://tiglehouse.org/retreats-events/ or emailing us at tiglehouse@gmail.com

Our simple and meaningful ceremonial services, held with respect, regard and deep affection, offer beautiful additions to community events, healing activities, weddings and memorial services.

Community healing activities

Tig-Le can assist you to create meaningful, and complementary inclusions for community healing activities including ceremonies, art, and environmental works.

Newborn ceremonies

Personalized birth ceremonies created in collaboration with parents and families to acknowledge and celebrate newborns coming into the world. The blessing ceremony is for conveying and transmitting the valued ideas and principles for mindful living including kindness, care, friendliness, and the development of compassion. Compassion is considered a protective force. Protecting each individual life, protecting all lives. Birth names can also be requested.

Wedding ceremonies

We write and conduct in collaboration with celebrants, wedding ceremonies that include contemporary or traditional Buddhist vows, prayers, and rituals.

Memorial services

We use traditional Buddhist prayers, and assist you to write personalized prayers and rituals for memorial services.

We hold regular Wongkur services. Sacred Art and Theatre of the Imagination, a ceremonial meditative service of the Vajrayana Buddhist Tradition.

Please contact us to inquire how we can assist tiglehouse@gmail.com

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