Tig-Le House Newsletter – Important notices 14th March 2022 

Tig-Le House Newsletter – Important notices 14th March 2022 

Hi friends of Tig-Le,
Well wishes, love to you.
Tig-Le has been vitally alive again this term with 25 – 35 people attending a variety of classes each week including Tuesday mornings Open House Mindfulness sessions that use the heart-felt language of sacred and secular mindfulness, to our Wednesday evenings structured 8-week mindfulness program. Others have been joining Wednesday mornings community mindful walking group, whilst formal students and sangha dedicate each Thursday morning to studying the Buddhadharma, Puja, and the meditative practices that weave together mindfulness, calm and insight.
Private sessions have been very busy, and Tig-Le is directly and indirectly supporting local community groups, not-for-profit organisations, and workplaces with training. We are ever grateful to all who attend and for requests to share training. Thank you for your interest, engagement, and deep questioning. There is a genuine willingness amongst everyone to explore, form understanding, and integrate practice and the principles of mindfulness into daily life. Thank you for all your generosity of spirit and financial contributions that make it possible for Tig-Le to operate in an inclusive manner. These are indeed beautiful life affirming teachings and practices.
Over the past ten years, 100’s of local Margaret River and Western Australian community members have attended our sessions and retreats along with people from many regions of Australia and from all around the World. A wide array of people gather sitting together finding the supports of deep Refuge. There is a deep appreciation for what is truly a rare and practical approach to mindfulness and the dharma teachings. To all of you our sincere thanks, recognition and respect.
Now after many years of public teaching and with Coronavirus prevalent throughout community, I will be taking the opportunity to immerse in longer solitary retreat in the WA countryside. There will be no regular weekly sessions at Tig-Le House for 2nd term.

I will come out of retreat briefly to hold the 5-day mindfulness and nature retreat scheduled for 25th to 29th April 2022 at Fair Harvest Permaculture.
I hope you can join me in April for retreat, to share in the joy of dedicated practice.

5-day mindfulness and nature retreat 25th – 29th April 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Semi-silent retreat exploring mindfulness through an ecological lens along with nature immersion activities including essential time for rest and respite. This retreat is planned to go ahead. Bookings are required before the 11th of April to secure a position as there is limited placements available. Should there be a need to cancel the retreat due to Covid-19 or other circumstances outside of our control, you will receive a full refund or an option to carry the payment forward to the next retreat. Bookings at: 5-day mindfulness and nature retreat (tiglehouse.org)
We follow the Covid-19 policies of the venues we hire. Please see the policy here for our retreats at Fair Harvest. Fair Harvest and Covid – Margaret River Australia

Ben Robinson is hosting weekly mindfulness at CrossFit Margaret River. This is open to CrossFit members and the local community. Here is the link for further details 12 week Mindfulness Course | Facebook

Recently I was interviewed as part of the creative ecology podcast project by independent visual artist, educator, and environmental science student Katharina Meister, many thanks for the invitation it was a wonderfully enjoyable exercise. The episode and others interviews can be found here at  (creative-ecology-podcast.com).
I have been asked to make teaching accessible as online recordings. Tig-Le is on the lookout for a videographer, photographer, someone who can capture and produce material from classes and retreats to be made available on the tiglehouse.org website. We can offer a combination of free classes and/or retreats and financial support for someone to take on this project. Please contact us if this is something you do or if you know of someone who does this work.


I am very fortunate to be able to do this work through Tig-Le and I love dearly the open, inclusive, and boundless nature of the Universalist / Global approach to mindfulness and the dharma teachings I have been privileged to receive.

This very natural approach passed on through the ancients talks clearly to all ways of living and being, to all lives. It is shared openly, held and carried by families, friends, and communities, supporting those who have daily commitments for meeting their own and others needs both materially and immaterially. This approach remains free of dogma and the unhelpful influences of institutionalised powers and hierarchies and is understandable in the context of daily living, acknowledging both the challenges and joys of modern life.
The Universalist approach as followed through Tig-Le acknowledges and respects those who have worked with great effort and energy at preserving, adapting, and transmitting these teachings and practices across time and place whilst encouraging and supporting individual free creative thought and response, personal and collective responsibility for self, others, and the world system in an active participation with life.
Keep practice as part of your life. Don’t wait until later. Practice each moment, build knowledge of calm, clarity and compassion for when it is needed, you never know when!! Friendliness, kindness, care, interest, understanding of our humanness, love of earth, curious of life processes, all these are our guides and allies.
Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletters.
To all who take interest and practice wholehearted recognition and respect.
Well wishes to everyone, well wishes for the world.
Ian and the Tig-Le House family
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