Join us for 5 days of semi-silent retreat exploring mindfulness and meditations on nature through an ecological perspective with regenerative bushland manager and dharma teacher Ian Hackett. This retreat offers an opportunity to deepen mindfulness and explore meditative practices that foster a profound remembrance of our sacred relationship and place within the body of nature. Also, there is ample opportunity for rest and respite.

The focus of this first weekend will be on the foundations of mindfulness practice, including essential techniques for cultivating the mindful mind, including the seven-point posture, naming experience, and calming bodily formations. These techniques will be combined to form a practice pattern.

Become familiar with techniques of mindful walking to help you become comfortable moving mindfully across country, observing and interacting with landscape ecologies, and understanding the relational aspects of the mind, body, and environments.

Mettā meditation is a powerful practice that has the potential to bring healing, health, and peace into our everyday lives. Done mindfully, it allows us to hold lived experience dear in our hearts, like a good and loving friend, and to find deepening states of affection for the world.

Through mindfulness we come to a deeper awareness of our true nature and the World, Gaia, Mother Earth, all our home. This mindfulness can be enriched through training, revealing insights into the body of life and the wisdom of life’s intelligence.

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