Tig-Le House Newsletter 20th August 2022

Hi friends of Tig-Le,

Third term is well underway, and Tig-Le is a full house with new faces, regular practitioners and returning friends. It’s wonderful to have such an active space with everyone bringing their interest and support to the teachings and practices. Many thanks!!
Tuesday mornings open house sessions: The group continues to develop an understanding of mindfulness in an open and organically arising way. Question is the vehicle that allows for the sharing of teaching and the forming of insight. When we practice, we come across challenges, unsureness, and successes as the mind is piecing practice together forming understanding. This is a sign that we are practicing in the right way, applying effort and looking closely at the teachings and testing them out. As a teacher I love getting questions, all unfolds in this way.
Wednesdays mindful walking: Sessions have been on and off, mostly with regards to the weather. This is to be expected during winter months. Even though we are a group of friends walking freely together in a relaxed and social manner, Tig-Le also has a responsibility not to promote walking in potentially dangerous weather conditions and so we check the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website prior to meeting and must cancel if there is a forecasted chance of lightning, hail or storms. We know this means sometimes cancelling even though we could walk. Many thanks for your patience, persistence and understanding. Walking together creates a special connection.
Changes to retreat: We appreciate, respect and respond to feedback. As a result of important feedback from Sangha and friends, we have changed the October 5-day silent meditation retreat to a 5-day mindfulness and nature semi-silent retreat focusing on rest and respite and the maintenance of mindfulness. Our retreats are a balance between sharing teachings on mindfulness and dedication to the practices, along with downtime for rest and respite, along with purposeful time in nature. Semi-silence involves consciously putting down sources of over stimulation whilst remaining connected to people and place; it’s quite lovely. Booking details below.
Mindfulness programs: I’m grateful to those who encouraged me to write and run a step-by-step approach to mindfulness training. Ben Robinson from CrossFit MR was a sponsor and initiating force, wanting a mindfulness program for the gym, thanks Ben! This resulted in our 12-week Mindfulness of the Day (MOD) program tailored to the CrossFit MR community and the 8-week mindfulness training program run through Tig-Le House. I have also written and delivered a 4-week approach, recently run through Just Home Margaret River. The 4-week approach was well accepted, supporting an understanding of mindfulness whilst providing useable in-the-moment strategies in response to challenging situations and circumstances. If you or a group or workplace you know are interested in a tailored program or receiving training, please let others know, Tig-Le can help.
Tig-Le website: Keep an eye out for new additions coming to the website. We are setting up a space to share audio and video recordings along with a blog to share teachings and practices in written format. If you have experience or an interest in being involved with any aspect of these projects, please get in contact. We are looking for support with occasional activities include managing and monitoring a simple video recording device during sessions (equipment provided), hosting dharma and mindfulness Q&A sessions, and helpers on retreat (we can offer reduced retreat costs to helpers). There are many ways to be involved.
Thanks for taking time to read our newsletters and we hope to see you at Tig-Le.
Well wishes to everyone, Metta
Ian at Tig-Le House

Photo by Tim Boh. 5-day Mindfulness and nature retreat April 2022
Weekly sessions
Tuesday mornings – Open house mindfulness 9am – 10am, 19th July to 20th September 2022. Open house sessions, all welcome, no booking required. Taught as a building practice, there is benefit in attending weekly. Cost is Dana (mutually beneficial exchange). Suggested $10 – $20/session.
Wednesday morning – Mindful walking group 9am – 10am, 20th July to 21st September 2022. Free community walks. Various locations. Instruction on mindful walking followed by silent walking in nature. To get details of locations please contact: tiglehouse@gmail.com or join Tig-Le mindful walking group Facebook
Wednesday evening – Mindfulness 8-week training program (current program fully booked) 7pm – 8:15pm, 27th July to 14th September 2022. Bookings can be made and prepaid online. Fourth terms program will be available soon.
Thursday morning – Universalist dharma studies and practice 9am – 10:30am, 21st July to 22nd September 2022. This term we are committed to the ‘Seven Point Mind Training’. Term four is Ngondro foundation training.
Upcoming Retreats
New retreat
5-day mindfulness and nature semi-silent retreat 10th – 14th October 2022 @ Fair Harvest – This is a semi-silent retreat exploring the foundations of traditional and contemporary mindfulness through an ecological lens. Retreat includes downtime, opportunities for rest and respite, along with simple creative activities, and mindful walking on country. On retreat we weave together mindfulness practice with an exploration of the elements and the sharing of over 33 years’ experience in walking and working with the land through bushland regeneration, conservation, permaculture and farming. Semi-silent involves consciously putting down sources of over stimulation whilst remaining connected to people and place. There are options to stay either on-site or off-site, and daily attendance options. Bookings at 5-day mindfulness and nature semi-silent retreat (tiglehouse.org)
Mettā meditation weekend: Holding life dear 11th – 13th November 2022 @ Fair Harvest – Mettā (Pali.) in the context of mindfulness speaks to the ever-present possibility to hold all aspects of this life and our experiences of living dearly in our hearts, as a good friend. An extension of our mindfulness, our Mettā qualities within show us the potential for a deeper friendship, for love and kindness, with ourselves, others, human experience, the World, this life. Practice helps us to find meaningful sources of love and kindness within our own lives, to find the freedom to live filled with greater tenderness and goodwill. Experience with mindfulness is highly recommended. Bookings at Metta meditation weekend – holding life dear (tiglehouse.org)

Private individual and group mindfulness training and mindful counsel sessions by appointment. Tig-Le supports many individuals, friends, families, professionals, local businesses, Not-for-profits, and community groups offering support through mindfulness training and practices. Contact us to find out how we can assist tiglehouse@gmail.com or 0408952151.
For Bushland regeneration, permaculture projects, land and people nature-based learning and activities with Ian contact us at tiglehouse@gmail.com or 0408952151.
Well wishes everyone from the Ian and the Tig-Le House family.
Tig-Le House is located at: 11 Tingle Avenue, Margaret River, Western Australia, 6285.
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