Mindfulness of the Day – MODs program, training and practices booklet

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52-page downloadable PDF / 52-page hardcopy booklet. Mindfulness of the Day (MODs) program.

This is a 12-staged training and practices booklet that leads you through the initial setting-up techniques for establishing a mindfulness practice, followed by extension training that supports a deeper engagement and understanding of mindfulness and mindful meditation practice techniques.

This mindfulness curriculum has been developed by Tig-Le House and partnered with CrossFit Margaret River. Together running the program over a 12-month period with great success. Participants continue to find real tangible benefits supporting personal health, physical, and good mental-emotional health, both in and out of the gym environment. Regular mindfulness practice, along with good facilitation and guidance, supports mindfulness in daily life for individuals, families, friends, workplaces, and communities.

The program continues to run yearly with a 12-month program, and shorter 12-week courses available. To enquire about courses contact: tiglehouse@gmail.com, tiglehouse.org, or crossfitmargaretriver.com.au

Booklet available as a hardcopy. Please contact tiglehouse@gmail.com to purchase. (Minimum charge involved for hardcopies).

Booklet available as a PDF online download.

For local purchases please contact Tig-Le House to arrange payment, postage and/or pickup.


Below is a list of the MOD’s, Mindfulness of the day trainings covered in the program:

MOD 1. Setting intentions, goals, and aspirations
MOD 2. Body scan: resistance and ease. Body scan technique
MOD 3. Breath as anchor
MOD 4. The senses
MOD 5. Mindful P.A.U.S.E. practice
MOD 6. Moving into meditation
MOD 7. Mindful movement
MOD 8. Mindful breath
MOD 9. Mindfulness of view
MOD 10. Mindfulness of mind
MOD 11. Recollecting the practices
MOD 12. Integrating Mindfulness into daily life