Tig-Le House Newsletter March 2024

Hello friends of Tig-Le,

Welcome to all our new subscribers. We hope you enjoy reading the Tig-Le Newsletter. 
It’s been an enjoyably busy start to the year at Tig-Le House!! All group sessions are thriving with full bookings, private one-to-one teaching and training are well-attended, we have new developments, and we genuinely appreciate the strong support Tig-Le is receiving.

By practising the teaching of Dana together (Dana is the generous nature within the human spirit), genuine friendships develop, creating communities and networks invested in health, peace, and mindful living. This generosity of spirit each person brings contributes to a shared Refuge that extends well beyond our personal lives. We are deeply moved that Tig-Le and the teachings of Mindfulness and the dharma have become a place of Refuge for so many.

Sarva Mangalam – May the blessings flow.


What’s in this edition of the newsletter? We have lots on!! Scroll down to find details on each of the following. 

*Mindfulness-Based Mental Conditioning Training for youth collaboration with L.J. Soccer Academy.
*Mindfulness of the Day Program with Ben Robinson at CrossFit Margaret River.
*Ecodharma and Earthcare on the two-week live-in Permaculture Design Certificate Courses at Fair Harvest.
*Travel to Japan with Catto and the Margaret River Karate Club.
*Private 1:1 Mindfulness Sessions.

Second Term Retreats:
*5-day Mindfulness and Nature Retreat at Fair Harvest Permaculture (April 15th-19th).
*Mindfulness Weekend Retreat at The Origins Centre (May 3rd-5th).

Second Term Regular Sessions:
*Open-house mindfulness sessions at Tig-Le House on Monday evenings at 7pm.
*8-week mindfulness training program at Fair Harvest on Tuesday mornings at 10am.
*Dharma Group at Tig-Le House on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.
*Mindful Walking: Thursday mornings at 9am.

Other newsletter items:
*The Tig-Le House website blog articles, mindfulness resources, Pujas, Sadhanas, and Audio and video resources.

Mindfulness-Based Mental Conditioning
We have teamed up with Luke Johnson of L.J. Soccer Academy L.J. Soccer – Soccer in the Margaret River Region. We are running Mindfulness-Based Mental Conditioning Training for youth in soccer. Students do a mix of workshop learning in the clubrooms, followed by taking the training onto the pitch and practising during coaching sessions and mini-match scenarios. Training will run each term throughout the year. Thanks, Luke, for having us on board.

Mindfulness of the Day program
Ben Robinson continues to offer mindfulness sessions at CrossFit Margaret River. This is their fourth year running the Mindfulness of the Day program (M.O.D.s). It is open to members and non-members. Just as physical fitness requires a consistent effort to establish, build and maintain health, Mindfulness similarly requires a constant effort to establish, develop and maintain this healthy quality of mind. Contact C.F.M.R. to enquire about What They Offer | Crossfit Margaret River. You can download a copy of the M.O.D.’s training booklet here: Mindfulness of the Day – M.O.D.s program, training and practices booklet (tiglehouse.org)

Permaculture Design Certificate Courses
Along with a group of experienced and dedicated teachers, Tig-Le has been part of the teaching body at Fair Harvest Permaculture for the two-week live-in PDC courses for several years. It is an integral part of the intention of Mindfulness to help cultivate healthy people and a healthy humanity working for the health of the Earth, aligning well with Permaculture ethics. I apply an Ecodharma approach to Earthcare to support and develop minds and hearts orientated towards life-centric systems thinking, an ecological language, reading and interpreting landscapes and patterns found within nature, and designing inner human ecologies (Zone ’00’) through mindfulness practices. The next course runs from Sunday, the 1st, to Sunday, the 15th of September 2024. Permaculture Design Certificate Sunday the 1st of September – Sunday the 15th of September 2024 – Fair Harvest Permaculture

We head to Japan soon with the Margaret River Karate Club (M.R.K.C.) in support of Catto, who, due to dedicated effort, has been invited to participate in the International Shotokan Karate Tournament. We want to thank everyone who made this possible deeply and sincerely. The generosity of the M.R.K.C., friends, family, dharma networks, the local community, Margaret River Lions, Rotary Margaret River, Mitre 10, and many other local businesses who have contributed to help get him there. The overall experience of being generously supported by so many, on top of the honour of being invited to participate, is a humbling, heartwarming experience of Refuge for this young person. 

Private 1:1 mindfulness sessions
People book sessions in advance to learn about personal approaches to Mindfulness and the dharma teachings and practices that support various aspects of their lives. These can be regular sessions or as required. Sessions are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, both daytime and evenings, in person or online. Contact Ian at tiglehouse@gmail.com or via F.B. Messenger or text 0408952151. 

The second term is just around the corner. Please find below an outline of the opportunities to join in. We look forward to your company.
Retreats are a proven way to consolidate, expand and deepen understanding of practice. 
5-day mindfulness and nature retreat
We begin the second term with the 5-day Mindfulness and nature retreat at Fair Harvest Permaculture from the 15th to the 19th of April. Information and bookings can be found here at the 5-day Mindfulness and nature retreat in April 2024 at Fair Harvest (tiglehouse.org). We need further bookings, confirmed two weeks ahead, to secure this retreat. We are nature, and Mindfulness helps us remember and become increasingly familiar with our own nature, the natural world, and the nature of life.

Mindfulness weekend retreat
Also in the second term is the Mindfulness weekend retreat at The Origins Centre from the 3rd to the 5th of May. Information and bookings are here at the Mindfulness Weekend Retreat in May 2024 at the Origins Centre | Tig-Le House (tiglehouse.org). We have three rooms still available staying onsite; day attendance is also offered. It is a time for rest, respite and practice.

We have added an extra mindfulness session to our weekly schedule, which runs on Monday evenings.
Open-house mindfulness sessions at Tig-Le House
Monday evenings: 7pm – 8pm
Dates: 22nd April to 10th June
Location: Tig-Le House, 11 Tingle Avenue, Margaret River
These open-house mindfulness sessions are open to anyone wanting to sit and cultivate Mindfulness in an open and dedicated way with an experienced teacher-practitioner. They are a good opportunity to sit in practice with others, ask questions, and receive teaching, helping to establish, refine, maintain, and further develop personal practice. You can book online or make a weekly contribution. Join us for a sit; the door is open.  
Our mindfulness sessions are supported by the voluntary supportive contributions of those who attend. You can make your contribution online via our website, Bookings Open-house mindfulness sessions at Tig-Le House (tiglehouse.org), choosing the amount you can afford, or via direct debit to Account name: Ian Hackett, B.S.B.: 066532, Account number: 10043752. You can also contribute on the day; the recommended amount per session is $20 -$30. 
8-week mindfulness training program at Fair Harvest
Tuesday mornings at 10am – 11am
Dates: 23rd April to 11th June 
Location: Fair Harvest, 426 Carters Rd, Margaret River
These eight mindfulness sessions are open to anyone interested in learning and practising mindfulness techniques. They cover aspects of both traditional and contemporary approaches in a sequential and practical way, emphasising how Mindfulness applies to everyday life. They are suitable for those who are new to Mindfulness and those who have previous experience. If you have done this training before, joining again is a good opportunity to absorb understanding and develop practice. All are welcome.
Our mindfulness sessions are supported by the voluntary supportive contributions of those who attend. You can make your contribution online via our website, Bookings 8-week mindfulness training program at Fair Harvest (tiglehouse.org), choosing the amount you can afford for the 8-week training or via direct debit to Account name: Ian Hackett, B.S.B.: 066532, Account number: 10043752. You can also contribute on the day; the recommended amount per session is $20 -$30. 

Dharma Group at Tig-Le House
Wednesday evenings: 7pm – 8:30pm
Dates: 24th April to 12th June
Location: Tig-Le House, 11 Tingle Ave, Margaret River
Topic: Mahayana teachings – Developing Bodhicitta, cultivating a compassionate engagement with life.
A sound understanding and established practice of Mindfulness is required to join. In this series, we explore the meditations associated with the Seven-point mind training system of Mahayana Dharma in developing Bodhicitta through the Puja to Chenzei text. Bodhicitta refers to the mind-heart of awakening arising through maturing the wisdom of compassion. Compassion is innate and can be developed, maturing into the wisdom of compassionate living. Practice is shared stage by stage, building into a complete meditative practice. It involves dedication, consistent participation, willingness, and open dialogue. It is both challenging and rewarding. This practice is shared in goodwill for those who have requested access to the teachings. Please get in contact with Ian directly at tiglehouse@gmail.com to book a place. Dana contributions can be made via direct debit at Account name: Ian Hackett, B.S.B.: 066532, Account number: 10043752, or on the night. Please note that due to the nature of the teaching and as a responsibility to each person’s Refuge, it is not possible to drop in intermittently. The term’s first six weeks are critical to developing a safe understanding of the practice.

Mindful walking continues until the end of the first term, Thursday, the 21st of March. In the second term, we continue with Thursday mornings, 9am, the 2nd of May to the 13th of June @ Various locations, T.B.A. 
Connect via Tig-Le mindful walking group | Facebook or Messenger chat group by sending a request to be added. This is a free community walking group. If you would like to support Tig-Le, you can contribute here at Dana contribution, a gift or an offering (tiglehouse.org).

The Tig-Le House blog articles page is growing. Here are a couple of interesting reads.
Welcome to Tig-Le House and What is a Tig-Le House? (tiglehouse.org)
Kamma / Karma – Our thoughts and deeds, how we live matters. (tiglehouse.org) 

We have helpful mindfulness resources, Pujas, Sadhanas, and more. Here is one of our most downloaded resources: 
Mindful P.A.U.S.E. Practice_general | Tig-Le House (tiglehouse.org)
And enjoy listening to the ‘setting up’ audio file recorded at the 5-day Mindfulness and nature retreat in 2022 at 
Audio (tiglehouse.org)
We look forward to seeing you at a session or on retreat.
Thanks for reading our newsletter, and well wishes to all. Metta from
Ian Hackett and the Tig-Le family

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