Tig-Le House Newsletter 4th February 2023

A new year, a new Path: rest, respite, retreat

 Hi friends of Tig-Le,

I hope this message finds you well and happy as we all welcome in the new year acknowledging and celebrating the cycles of sun and earth, moon and seasons, diverse expressions of society and culture.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our newsletters, getting updates of happenings through Tig-Le House. There are some important changes for us in the year ahead.
Following 12 years of sharing mindfulness and dharma teachings and practices I will be taking most of this year off for rest, personal practice, and dedicating time to writing books on mindfulness and the dharma as study and practice guides.

Tig-Le has remained open and accessible providing support through some very challenging times in the local community over the past 5 years, and for everyone during the Covid restricted periods. With a view to my own, and Tig-Le’s longevity for sharing and developing mindfulness now presents a good time to take a period of respite. It has not been an easy decision to make though it is one I look forward to following. To family, friends, Sangha and regulars my sincere thanks for all your encouragement, understanding, kindness and support.

Image courtesy of ‘Clare Smith Photography’

As well as continuing to do regenerative bushland projects, bushland regeneration reading the land community walks, and teaching on permaculture courses with Fair Harvest, I will be running just two public retreats this year. Both retreats will be on mindfulness as a practice for meeting, becoming familiar with, and cultivating deeper love and understanding for our own nature and the living world.

PDC January 2023 @ Fair Harvest – Image by ‘Kingsley – PhotoCoffee’ 

The first retreat is:
5-day mindfulness and nature retreat at Fair Harvest 24th – 28th April 2023
Join me to explore traditional mindfulness and meditative practices through an ecological lens with mindful walking, contemplations on nature and the elements, nature immersions. Please book as early as possible to join as this helps us immensely to prepare a wonderful retreat for everyone.
Booking link here 5-day mindfulness and nature semi-silent retreat (tiglehouse.org)
Details on the second mindfulness and nature retreat will come out later, it is usually held in October.
Dharma study and practice sessions. There will be some condensed intensive dharma teaching sessions concentrated on specific subjects that will be announced at short notice throughout the year. If you would like to be informed of these please reply asap to this email, or message tiglehouse@gmail.com confirming you would like to be notified. We have a list growing already. Experience with the setting up of mindfulness is important.

Image CFMR courtesy of ‘The Barefoot Photographer’

Gym co-owner Ben Robinson is running the Mindfulness of the day (MODs program available for download here) training program at CrossFit Margaret River (CFMR). Sessions are open to gym members and non-members. Please get in contact with Ben for current times and dates 0402 111 372, 1/5 Minchin Way, crossfitmargaretriver@gmail.com
Mindful walking. I will be continuing with mindful walking outside of personal retreat times. All are welcome to join. Locations, dates and times will only be posted in the Tig-Le mindful walking group (FB Messenger App) as very soon I will be taking a break from posting on social media platforms. Contact me via Messenger to be added to the group.
Other sessions with local practitioners associated with Tig-Le are being finalized in the coming weeks. These sessions will be dedicated to group practice rather than teaching, done in solidarity and support.

It is fantastic that others are willing and able to hold space and keep access to mindfulness and the dharma teachings alive in community, thank you with all my heart.

Thank you everyone, I feel embedded in the world, humbled by experience, and deeply appreciative of what all our mindfulness does for health and peace and Refuge at the individual personal level, but mostly for its value in the collective community of our own species and the taking of responsibility for the Refuge of all other species and the health of this exquisite living breathing planet Earth all our home.
Take care and go well, I look forward to seeing you on or off the mat throughout the year.
We aim to return to regular group and private sessions for 2024.

Metta from Ian and the Tig-Le family
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