Tig-Le House Newsletter 30th January 2022

 Hi friends of Tig-Le
A short update on 1st term sessions.  
NOTE: Following feedback from some of our regulars, friends, and family members, we have made changes to start dates for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s regular sessions this term allowing more time to settle into the new year with schooling, work and other commitments. Thanks for understanding, please check the new dates below.
Well wishes everyone 😊
Tuesday morning Mindfulness 9am, changed to 8th February to 29th March
Open house, no booking required. Cost is Dana
Wednesday mornings Mindful walking group 9am, 2nd February to 30th March
Free community walks. Details and registration contact: tiglehouse@gmail.com
Wednesday evenings Mindfulness 8-week training program 7pm, 2nd February to 23rd March. Bookings appreciated. To register and book visit Mindfulness 8-week training program (tiglehouse.org)
Thursday mornings Buddhist meditation, dharma studies and practice 9am, changed to 10th February to 31st March
Open sessions, no booking required. Cost is Dana.
Wongkur of Amitabha 10am, Sunday 13th February 2022 @ Tig-Le House.
All welcome.
Weekend workshop on Compassion 10am – 4pm Saturday 26th February & 10am – 3pm Sunday 27th February. Bookings are essential: Weekend workshop on compassionate engagement and the dialogues of compassion (tiglehouse.org) 
5-day mindfulness and nature retreat 25th – 29th April 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Semi-silent retreat exploring mindfulness through an ecological lens along with nature immersion activities including essential time for rest and respite. Bookings at: 5-day mindfulness and nature retreat (tiglehouse.org)
5-day silent meditation retreat 10th – 14th October 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Silent retreat: Engage with traditional mindfulness and meditation teachings and practices. Secular and sacred ancient dharma, mindfulness and contemplative meditation. Bookings at: 5-day silent meditation retreat (tiglehouse.org) We take seriously our ‘duty of care’ to your health and wellbeing. For this silent retreat ALL participants must have attended pervious mindfulness training through Tig-Le House.
*If you are unsure whether you can attend, before booking please email us at tiglehouse@gmail.com
Metta meditation weekend 11th – 13th November 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Details to come.
Private mindfulness training and mindful counsel sessions by appointment Tuesday – Thursday. Please contact Ian at tiglehouse@gmail.com
Tig-Le House Covid protocols can be found here at Covid-19 protocols Tig-Le House (tiglehouse.org)
Well wishes to everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletters.
Ian and the Tig-Le House family
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