Tig-Le House Newsletter 2nd March 2021

Hi friends of Tig-Le,

Well wishes to everyone, we hope you are doing well.

Tig-Le House is currently closed for private retreat for the beginning of this year; Ian will be teaching on the up-coming retreats, though regular classes are on hold.

We encourage everyone to maintain a regular personal home practice where possible, along with taking the opportunities to join the following sessions.

The ‘Mindfulness of the Day’ program running with Ben at CrossFit Margaret River. The next series commences Monday the 15th of March at 7.15pm. To attend please make your bookings here at 12 week Mindfulness Program + Free 50+ page Manual | Crossfit Margaret River

A small Sangha practice group is gathering weekly this term, concentrating on the Theravada Dhamma Puja text. Hosted by Julia, all are welcomed. Please contact 0438405094 for details.

We have wonderful resources available on mindfulness and dharma teachings to support personal and group practice. You can download these through our website at Mindfulness, Meditation, Dharma Booklets and Offerings – Tig-Le House Hardcopies are also available, please contact tiglehouse@gmail.com

Due to the WA Covid-19 lockdown in January we postponed the ‘Week-long open integrated retreat’. Many people had booked to attend the opening session’s dinner, evening talk, and teachings.
This dinner and evening talk will now be held on Friday 19th March as part of the up-coming ‘Mindfulness weekend 19th – 21st March’ at Fair Harvest.
The talk will highlight important foundations and interrelationships of ancient secular-sacred mindfulness and dharma in our lineage network, along with teachings on the heart essence of mindfulness practice for building Refuge, healing, and peace.
There are a variety of options for attending including something for day/evening visitors wanting to attend 1 or 2 sessions, dinner and lunch options, and all-inclusive weekend camping. Bookings are required soon please as we require minimum numbers to go ahead; please follow the link to our website: Mindfulness weekend retreat: 19th March – 21st March 2021  – Tig-Le House

Other retreats coming up in April and May include the
Ecodharma weekend and 5-day silent mindfulness and nature retreat.

Ecodharma is understanding the meanings and applications of Buddhist Dharma teachings and practices for the purposeful development of socio-ecological ethical behavior as an aspect of mature compassionate consciousness. The reality and truth of social and ecological harm is difficult to integrate, yet an essential practice. There are teachings that help us deepen our understanding, expand our view, and support people to continue to actively love and care. Retreat Bookings: Ecodharma weekend retreat: 16th April – 18th April 2021  – Tig-Le House
5-day silent mindfulness and nature retreat. How wonderful that the language of resilience and connection is well practiced today!!
This retreat focuses on mindfulness and meditation practices, and activities that support remembering our engagement and relationship of connection with the natural world within and without that is ever-present and available to us.
Explore mindfulness practices through an ecological lens, including mindful walking, contemplative meditation on nature, nature immersion, simplistic creative activities that help us recall and re-integrate a healthy relationship with daily life, our human nature, and the natural living Planet.
Our mindfulness is our capacity for a kind, caring, calm, friendly and loving relationship with life and experience.
The Retreat offers time for Respite, Rest, and Refuge. Read a book and take walks in the bushland and gardens on the beautiful Fair harvest permaculture property. Bring your hobbies and spend time in silent personal creative activity, and mindfulness practice. Enjoy local forests and beaches.
Bookings: 5-day Mindfulness and Nature retreat: 3rd May – 7th May 2021  – Tig-Le House
We look forward to your company on retreat, gathering for practice, and training in the development and maintenance of mindfulness that supports both our individual and collective health and well-being, simultaneously contributing to Peace in the world.
Tig-Le House family
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