Tig-Le House Newsletter 24th September 2021

Tig-Le House Newsletter 24th September 2021 
Hi friends of Tig-Le. You may like to grab a cuppa before reading on…it’s a long, though good one! Looking ahead to 4th term 12th October – 12th December 2021, and beyond.
Tig-Le is happy to be offering its first step-by-step 8-week mindfulness training program this October. We have been working developing this specific program for 3 years, it is the culmination of over 16 years of practice and teachings received. It integrates both traditional teachings and modern mindfulness approaches.
Our first dedicated Permaculture retreat emerging out of teaching on the Permaculture Design Certificate courses at Fair Harvest. Students love ‘Zone 00’ and ‘Walking the land’ units and so we have put these together into a weekend retreat.
Other happenings include a community celebration of our 9th anniversary with a Wongkur (Sacred theatre) ceremony and shared dinner, compassion workshops series, mindful walking, longer retreats on mindfulness and nature, and a dedicated silent meditation retreat later next year.

Weekly sessions

Mindfulness at CrossFit MR. Ben continues sharing the Mindfulness of the Day (MODs) program each Monday 7.15pm. Ian joins twice each month to support. These sessions are open to CrossFit members and non-members. Contact Ben crossfitmargaretriver@gmail.com
8-week mindfulness training programTuesday mornings 9am, 12th Oct – 30th Nov: This is a structured program using our ‘Mindfulness of the Day’ curriculum. Bookings are essential and minimum numbers required. A total of 8 placements are available.
8-week mindfulness training program in Margaret River (tiglehouse.org)
Mindful walking group each Wednesday mornings, 13th Oct – 1st Dec: Mindfulness instruction and silent mindful walking together. This term we will walk at the beach.
Details, times and locations can be found in the  Tig-Le mindful walking group on Facebook.
Wednesday evening mindfulness 7pm (note time change), 20th Oct – 1st Dec: These sessions are open to everyone. We use an open and organic approach to sharing traditional mindfulness trainings that suit experienced practitioners and those new to the practice. All welcome. Cost is Dana, a freely offered supportive contribution. Wednesday evening mindfulness | Facebook
Dharma study and practice group each Thursday 9am, 14th Oct – 9th Dec: This term focuses on Mindful breath over 4 consecutive weeks, followed by Metta meditation over 4 consecutive weeks. As a duty of care to participants, an understanding of how to practice mindfulness is a prerequisite of joining these sessions. Contact Ian at tiglehouse@gmail.com for all enquiries. Dharma study and practice group | Facebook


Compassionate engagement one-day intensive Sunday 17th October, 9am – 4pm @ Tig-Le House. Join in a day exploring a meditative framework for understanding what is meant by compassion, its origins within us personally, and our common shared collective aspiration for peace and health. Includes 3 x training and practice sessions along with morning tea, lunch, cups of tea and coffee. Cost is Dana on a sliding scale of contribution $40 – $80pp. Please select the amount that suits your requirements. Bookings required Compassionate engagement one-day intensive (tiglehouse.org) Previous experience with mindfulness is encouraged. This workshop is a prerequisite to the following Dialogues of compassion workshop.
Dialogues of compassion workshop Sunday 28th November, 9am – 4pm @ Tig-Le House.
This workshop follows on from the Compassionate engagement one-day intensive. It cannot be done as a stand-alone workshop. In this workshop we actively, at the individual and collective level, work through challenging realities using a compassionate dialogue technique. Compassionate responses to life can be rehearsed and integrated becoming increasingly spontaneous in nature. Includes 3 x teaching sessions along with morning tea, lunch, cups of tea and coffee. Cost is Dana on a sliding scale contribution between $40 – $80pp. Select the booking option that suits you. Bookings required. Dialogues of compassion (tiglehouse.org)

Social and Ceremony
Sacred Theatre (Wongkur) of Shakyamuni and Sangha dinner @ Tig-Le House Sunday 12th December 2021. Ceremony 4pm followed by shared potluck dinner 5:30pm onwards. Come along and celebrate our 9th year running mindfulness and dharma teachings at Tig-Le House.
Shakyamuni practice helps us value our own awakening nature, to value the search and struggle of the awakening heart and acknowledge and celebrate the results of true Refuge that can express in a life.
Open to everyone formal students, friends, and families. Please bring food to share with others, children are welcome, Dana for the ceremony to support Tig-Le appreciated. Come for the ceremony, or dinner, or both. Please RSVP to help us plan. Email tiglehouse@gmail.com

Retreats 2021
Metta meditation weekend: making friends with life 12th – 14th November @ Fair Harvest
Metta meditation is an extension of our mindfulness, the potential for a deeper friendship with ourselves, others, the World, and life. Practice helps us to find meaningful sources of love and understanding within our own lives, to find the freedom to live filled with greater tenderness and goodwill, to heal feelings and experiences of disconnection and isolation caused by resentment, jealousy, hate, anger, and prejudice. This is an intensive weekend dedicated to meditative practice. Experience with mindfulness practice is a prerequisite. Bookings required: Metta meditation weekend 12th – 14th November 2021 – Tig-Le House

Photo care of Miles Tweedie Photography

Retreats looking ahead 2022 and beyond
New to the list is our Permaculture retreats which will use the practices and activities we have developed for the Permaculture Design Certificate courses in weekend retreat format!!
We have several retreats for 2022 including weekends and two longer retreats. The longer retreats are planned to run in April and October each year. 

Permaculture retreat weekend with Ian Hackett from Tig-Le House 11th – 13th March 2022 @ Fair Harvest. 
This weekend incorporates mindfulness and observing nature practices and activities through ‘Zone 00’ designing inner ecologies, and ‘Walking the Land’ contemplative meditation and observation techniques as done on the Permaculture Design Certificate courses. Explore mindfulness through an ecological, land, nature, and permaculture lens.
Permaculture weekend retreat (tiglehouse.org)
5-day mindfulness and nature retreat 25th – 29th April 2022 @ Fair Harvest
This is a semi-silent retreat exploring the foundations of traditional and contemporary mindfulness through an ecological lens along with nature immersion activities including essential time for rest and respite. Utilizing mindfulness, mindful breath, mindful walking, the senses, and contemplation techniques in remembering and reconnecting with the sacred relationship we have with the natural living world and this exquisite planet, living Earth. 
5-day mindfulness and nature retreat (tiglehouse.org)

5-day silent meditation retreat 10th – 14th October 2022 @ Fair Harvest
This is a silent retreat: Engage with traditional mindfulness and meditation teachings and practices. Secular and sacred in nature these trainings come from an ancient non-religious oral buddhadharma tradition, expressed in modern language. The retreat includes an introductory overview of ancient dharma and its relevance in the modern world; mindfulness, breath, and contemplative meditation; word mandala, visualization, and mantra; walking meditation and more. These teachings are a vast treasury for our shared humanity, enriching daily life, in service of a healthy peaceful humanity working for the health of the world. 5-day silent meditation retreat (tiglehouse.org)
We take very seriously our ‘duty of care’ to your health and wellbeing. For this silent meditation retreat ALL participants must have attended pervious mindfulness training through Tig-Le House at either one of our weekly community sessions, previous retreats, or through our private training sessions.

*If you are unsure as to your attendance, before booking please email us at tiglehouse@gmail.com

Private sessions, Group training and Workplace mindfulness
If you would like private mindfulness training, support, mindful counsel, or would like us to run mindfulness training for your group or workplace, please contact Ian Hackett on M: 0408952151 or Email: tiglehouse@gmail.com Private sessions available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays by appointment; evenings by arrangement. Group and workplace training by arrangement.
Online resources
A variety of PDF’s are available for download from our growing list of mindfulness and other resources on the website at Mindfulness, Meditation, Dharma Booklets and Offerings – Tig-Le House
Thank you for reading this Newsletter. Well wishes. We look forward to your company.
Tig-Le House family
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