Tig-Le House Newsletter 23rd October 2020

Hi friends of Tig-Le,

A couple of changes to 4th Term

Tuesday’s regular mindfulness sessions at Fair Harvest will now be with Ian Hackett weekly at 9.30am.

Tuesday’s sessions will be an opportunity to discuss multiple aspects of mindfulness in an organic way along with applying the techniques which help us in the establishment, maintenance, and growth of our innate naturally occurring mindful potential.

Thursday mornings Dharma sessions at Tig-Le House 9.15am will focus on Sadhana meditative practice for Puja development. It involves contemplative meditative practice on a specific archetype integrated with creative writing and the free expression of language.

You will notice through our website and Facebook events that our approach to retreat bookings varies across the different styles of retreat.

Some retreats have set fees for staying onsite which include options for meals or self-catering; options for those staying offsite and attending classes is also available.

Other retreats have a link to Hipcamp which allows you to book a campsite at Fair Harvest Permaculture for the weekend whilst mindfulness teaching is offered by Dana donation, a voluntarily prosocial contribution in support of the teacher.

These varying approaches allow us to make mindfulness teaching and practices as accessible and all-inclusive as possible. Check each retreat to see what options are available. Note, occasionally retreats have a prerequisite to attend. Many Thanks.

Regular mindfulness and meditation sessions

Mondays 7.15pm – Mindful Mondays @ CrossFit MR with Ben Robinson – book here/travelling-crossfitter

Tuesdays 9.30am – Weekly Mindfulness 27th October – 8th December @ Fair Harvest with Ian Hackett.        

Wednesdays 10.30am – Mindful Art @ Ferart studio with Debbie Chambers. Contact: debbie@ferart.com

Thursdays 9.15am – Weekly Dharma sessions 22nd October – 10th December @ Tig-Le House with Ian Hackett

Mindfulness and meditation workshops

Dialogues of Compassion Tuesday 8th December 9.30am @ Fair Harvest with Ian Hackett.   https://fb.me/e/cjxd2FhrT No bookings required. Cost is Dana suggested contribution $20 – $40pp.

Mindfulness and meditation retreats

Metta meditation weekend retreat @ Fair Harvest 13th – 15th November: The practice of Metta helps us to find meaningful sources of love and understanding within our own lives allowing us to live filled with greater goodwill and compassionate connectedness. Bookings: metta-meditation-making-friends-with-life-13th-15th-november-2020/

Global mindfulness foundations weekend @ Fair Harvest 11th – 13th December: An introduction to the Establishment practices of secular and sacred global mindfulness with Ian Hackett. Book a campsite through Hipcamp, teaching by Dana contribution. Bookings: mindfulness-foundations-weekend-retreat-11th-13th-december-2020/

Mindful breath weekend retreat @ Fair Harvest 8th – 10th January 2021: Learning to stop and bring awareness to this vital principle, the breathing body of life is a valuable remedy stabilizing the mind and heart, a deepening calm relationship to the nature of life and living. Participants require an understanding of mindfulness prior to attending. Please contact us on tiglehouse@gmail.com Bookings: mindful-breath-natures-breathing-body-8th-10th-january-2021/

*Further detailed information on each retreat is available on the website @ tiglehouse.org/retreats-events/

Private appointment times: Ian is available each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for private individual, couples, and small group mindfulness training, mindful counsel, and dharma teachings. Contact Ian via email, text, or Facebook messenger to make an appointment. Dana in support is greatly appreciated and respected by everyone who attends.

Dana contributions & donations: Dana translates as the generosity of shared wisdom amongst people, amongst humanity. At Tig-Le we do our work in the heart of Dana, making practice accessible and inclusive, encouraging a voluntarily prosocial and mutually supportive culture. We are grateful of all your contributions that support us to continue in this way.

Web: tiglehouse.org/

Email: tiglehouse@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tiglehouse/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tigle_house/

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