Tig-Le House Newsletter 23rd March 2021

Hi friends of Tig-Le,

Here is a look at what is happening through Tig-Le House for the rest of this term and for when we return starting up regular sessions again in term 2 from 16th April to 2nd July 2021.

Mindfulness and Buddhadharma sessions returning – 2nd term:

Thursday mornings 9am at Tig-Le House are our regular Puja and contemplative Buddhist meditation teaching, study, and practice sessions. Practice is supplemented with mindfulness interwoven throughout. Classes with Ian resume Thursday 22nd April 9am, all are welcome. Cost is Dana, freely offered donation.

Mindfulness of the Day (MODs) program:

The Mindfulness of the Day program is running with Ian and Ben sharing the classes at CrossFit Margaret River. Currently, there is a 12-week program covering MODs 1 – 3 exploring the foundations of practice. Following the initial program, we continue throughout the year sharing extensions on mindfulness practices adding in meditative techniques in a graduated way. Contact Ben to join crossfitmargaretriver@gmail.com

You can download a PDF or purchase a hardcopy of the program at Mindfulness of the day – MODs program (tiglehouse.org)

We have other mindfulness and Buddhadharma resources available for download on our website at Mindfulness, Meditation, Dharma Booklets and Offerings – Tig-Le House

Puja Group:

A small practice group is gathering weekly until Easter on Thursdays 9am. The group is practicing the Theravada Dhamma Puja text. All are welcomed. Please contact Julia 0438405094 for details.


These are our last 2 retreats until November. If you would like to attend, please make bookings soon so we can guarantee numbers and confirm going ahead. Unfortunately, we cannot accept late placements.

Ecodharma weekend. An opportunity to engage in deep thought and listening, open dialogues, and supportive practices. Gain an understanding of Buddhadharma teachings and practices for the purposeful development of socio-ecological ethical behavior as an aspect of mature compassionate consciousness. The reality and truth of social and ecological harm is difficult to integrate, yet possible, and essential. These teachings help us deepen our understanding, expand our view, supporting active love and care. Bookings close 8th April: Ecodharma weekend retreat: 16th April – 18th April 2021  – Tig-Le House

5-day Silent mindfulness and nature retreat. There is a growing shared language amongst people and communities, one of resilience and connection. This retreat utilizes mindfulness and meditative practices, along with simplistic creative activities, and nature immersion that support a healthy engagement and connection with the natural living world within and all-around us. Mindfulness is our natural interest and respect for the capacity to live with a deepening calm, kindness, and care, for our own, others, and the worlds experiences of life and living. This Retreat offers time for respite, rest, and dedication to practice. Bookings close 22nd April: 5-day Mindfulness and Nature retreat: 3rd May – 7th May 2021  – Tig-Le House

Other happenings:

We have recently established the Tig-Le mindful walking group. The idea is to practice mindfulness together in and around the Margaret River locality in a relaxed way, get some gentle exercise, enact peacefulness as a community. We will walk, sit, and stand in practice. Ian will share mindful walking practice instructions as required, along with contemplative meditation and visualization on nature techniques. To join send a join request at Tig-Le mindful walking group | Facebook

Dharma talks at Tig-Le House:

We will host various dharma talks and practice sessions throughout April – July. People can make requests for topics and teachings. All welcome.

Our lineage background is unique in its cross-cultural Buddhist synthesis, the meeting of two streams handed down in the Theravadin forest-tradition of Burma and the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. These teachings came to us through the late Namgyal Rinpoche and Chime Shore.

Notifications of times and dates for these sessions will come out via our Facebook and Instagram pages, along with newsletters.

The New Puja to Chenrezi is almost complete and will be available mid-year. Thursdays Puja group will review the text in practice prior to printing. All welcome.

One on one private sessions are open again. If you would like to catch up with Ian for private mindfulness training or mindful counsel, please send a message M: 0408952151 or E: tiglehouse@gmail.com

Generally, sessions are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 9am and 3.30pm, some evenings are also possible. Dana in support is greatly appreciated and respected by everyone who attends.

Dana contributions & donations: Dana is the generous nature amongst people that supports all lives, and the sharing of the supports of wisdom. At Tig-Le we do our work in the heart of Dana, making practice accessible and inclusive, encouraging a voluntarily prosocial and mutually supportive culture. We are grateful of all your contributions that support us to continue in this way.

Thanks for taking time to read our latest news. We look forward to seeing you for practice at Tig-Le, on retreat, or at one of the other sessions.

Warmest regards to everyone,


Web: tiglehouse.org/

Email: tiglehouse@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tiglehouse/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tigle_house/

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