Tig-Le House Newsletter 22nd November 2020

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Hi friends of Tig-Le,
We are rapidly approaching the end of 2020. It has been a fluxing, changeable year. Whilst many in the world are enduring the continued struggles of lost protection and lost safety, we are blessed beyond measure to live in Western Australia. The dharma teachings encourage us to remember that with the gifts and good fortunes of prosperity, protection, and health comes a responsibility to use this life well for the benefit of others and this world, the Bodhisattva trainings. In the deepest of understanding and practice it can be experienced that there is no separation between the health and security of others and our own peace and health; there is no true peace without everyone’s peace, and the peace and health of the living natural world.
To finish the year everyone is invited to join us for a
Wongkur ceremony of Chenrezi – Compassion is Refuge for All.
Friday, December 11, 2020 at 5pm – 8:30pm
11 Tingle Ave, Margaret River.

The Chenrezi Wongkur is a meditative ceremony in the Tibetan Tantra encouraging the cultivation of the mature compassion that lives within the human species, placed purposefully into active awareness for the development and celebration of creative expressions of compassionate activity in the world and everyday life. Mindfulness is the means to approach the practice in a clear way.
A light meal from 5pm to 6pm. Wongkur 6.30pm to 8pm.
This is our last teaching and gathering for 2020. We hope you can attend. All welcome, suitable for families and children. Join us for both the ceremony and meal or one or the other. Dana support for the service welcomed.
Please bring simple food to share with others.

Tuesday’s 9.30am Regular mindfulness session at Fair Harvest continue with the final session 1st December, following this we have the Dialogues of compassion workshop at Fair Harvest Tuesday 8th December 9.30am. Open to all. You can see the event on FB here at https://fb.me/e/cjxd2FhrT
Wednesdays 10.30am Mindful Art @ Ferart studio with Debbie Chambers. Creativity & Mindfulness, ideas & making, getting into designs for the festive season in a quiet reflective way. Contact: debbie@ferart.com
Thursday’s 9.15am Dharma sessions at Tig-Le House have focused on Bodhicitta prayer writing for inclusion in the upcoming Chenrezi Puja text. It takes time to produce a new Puja, finding guidance and inspiration in the many sources of teaching, practicing mindful contemplative meditation on the sources, active free creative expression of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and responses. It is a lovely and enriching practice, a joy to do within a consistent and dedicated group. The final session this year is Thursday 10th December. 
Mindful Mondays 7.15pm at CrossFit MR. A dedicated group and growing interest have emerged into what mindfulness is and how to practice. Commitment and right practice produce beneficial results for body and mind. A clear and effective curriculum has been designed by Ian Hackett at Tig-Le House, implemented together with Benjamin Robinson of CrossFit MR, and will be available again for those wishing to join in.
Participants of the Mandala Art and mindfulness series have explored deeply into what mandala is about using both teachings from Ngondro foundation training, simplistic mindfulness tools, and Western thought. The combination has produced beautiful detail of mind and creativity and revealed much for consideration within the group. It is a marvelous healing activity. Tania Davey and Natalia Ford have been wonderful supports and creative guides along the way, many thanks all involved.
We had a lovely turnout for the Metta meditation weekend retreat. 20 people coming from the local community, Great Southern, Augusta, Bunbury, Balingup, and the Perth Metro area participated in a deep exploration of the meditative trainings that reunite us with the possibility within the human life for a meaningful friendship with our own and others experiences. Metta makes possible a deeper friendship with life and living. Many thanks to everyone involved and to our wonderful hosts at Fair Harvest.

The next retreat is the Mindful breath weekend Friday 8th – Sunday 10th January 2021. This retreat is only suitable for those who have mindfulness experience and a regular practice. It will be a small group of dedicated practitioners able to self-govern, adhering closely to practice instructions, and are committed to attending each session. Silence and longer practices will be encouraged. It is recommended that everyone attending stay onsite at Fair Harvest. If you are unsure of whether it is suitable for you to attend please contact Ian at Tig-Le to discuss: tiglehouse@gmail.com
Bookings: offerings/events/booking-mindful-breath-natures-breathing-body-8th-10th-january-2021/

Ian will be back teaching Eco-principles, Forest ecologies, Regenerative bushland management, and Zone ‘00’ – designing human ecologies on the Permaculture Design Courses in January and May 2021 at Fair Harvest Permaculture. Permaculture design certificate Sunday 9th May – Sunday 23rd May 2021 – Fair Harvest Permaculture

Festival of forgotten skills Sunday 29th November 11am – 6pm at Fair Harvest. Join us for ‘Deep listening’ session 1pm in the Voice and Words tent with Britta Sorensen ‘Flora the Vintage Caravan’ in the camping area. Also, Tig-Le will host ‘The lost Art of silent tea and company’ 3pm – 3.45pm. Chai tea by donation supplied by Di Goodridge from the Margaret River Chai company. Come and join us for a silent cuppa and tea meditation.

Mindfulness, meditation, Ecodharma, Nature Retreats in 2021:

Photo courtesy of Miles Tweedie Photography

31st January – 6th February: Open Integrated week-long retreat. People can stay on or off-site and attend sessions as required. This retreat encourages integration of practice within the stream of daily life, work, family, and other commitments. This approach to retreat has been very much enjoyed by everyone who attended previously.

19th March – 21st March: Global mindfulness weekend. These weekends are an opportunity to learn foundation approaches to mindfulness from a global / universal perspective; ancient non-religious, secular, and sacred dharma. Learn the baseline technique and structures for establishing a mindfulness practice.

16th April – 18th April: Ecodharma weekend retreat. Understand how mindfulness contributes to an increasingly caring, friendly, and supportive relationship with the living environments, evolution, and the ecological foundations of life. Practice supports the emergence of life affirming individuals, human societies, and cultures.  Together we explore dharma teachings and meditative practices that cultivate meaningful ecologically ethical conduct and engagement as an aspect of mature compassionate consciousness.

3rd May – 7th May: 5-day Mindfulness and Nature retreat. Since 2013 Ian has been running Mindfulness and Nature retreats in Southwest WA using his 30 plus years’ experience in bushland regeneration, landcare, wilderness trekking, and permaculture to explore the foundations of contemporary and traditional mindfulness practices, meditative exercises, nature immersion, and simplistic creative activities that help us remember and re-integrate with a healthy relationship to daily life and the natural living World. 

*Event details and booking information will come out soon through the tiglehouse.org/ website, newsletters, and Tig-Le Facebook page.

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