Tig-Le House Newsletter 21st November 2021

Hi friends of Tig-Le,
I hope this message finds you well. This time of year is often active and busy for many with the weather warming and the new year in sight. Remembering to take time to PAUSE, check-in on yourself and others, to feel the warmth in the air, enjoying the vast blue sky, whichever weather the moment brings.
First and second Spring is a busy time for Tig-Le, and especially with the extra sessions we have been running this term. At Tig-Le we also need to PAUSE, check-in, and take time to reflect. We have been enjoying recalling the many faces and participation of people attending regular sessions, retreats, and private training; acknowledging how far the benefits flow both within and without. Thank you to everyone who has attended our mindfulness, meditation, retreats and workshops. It is a joy to be able to share these precious teachings, supporting the local and broader community, and making friendships along the way.
This year fourth term concludes a little earlier than in previous years. This is for personal retreat and family time, with milestone moments and transitions happening for us. We hope you can continue to join us through until the end of the calendar term at regular sessions, the ‘Dialogues of Compassion’ workshop, and Wongkur and community dinner. Details are below.
Our 8-week mindfulness training program concludes on the 30th of November. Establishing our mindfulness is challenging requiring a dedicated and consistent effort. The course guides participants in developing an inclusive and holistic understanding of what mindfulness is, and how to practice in a safe and effective manner. The 8-week program will run again in first term (February) 2022.
Tig-Le’s Wednesday morning 9am mindful walking group is a free community sharing activity. Walking together creates a lovely feel. The mindful walking technique we use aids in a direct and deeply felt connection with the dynamic relationship of the external and internal worlds of experience coming into contact, building a depth of friendship, of love, interest and understanding between our own human nature and the natural world. New walkers are always welcome to join anytime.
Wednesday 7pm evenings open house mindfulness sessions have seen a small group building understanding of ancient secular mindfulness. A heartfelt approach that weaves together modern language with traditional dharma. We offer both structured and organic approaches to suit the varied needs and interests.
Students attending Thursday’s 9am dharma study and practice group have been working on mindful approaches to mindful breath and Metta meditation this term. These are practices that expand on the foundational teachings of mindfulness supporting a deeper Refuge, a safe and stable state of mind suited to deep meditative exploration and mind training practices. Over the course of a year we also cover a variety of training texts including the Theravada Dharma Puja, the Seven-point mind training on Compassion through the lens of Chenrezi, and Ngondro foundation training. We spend approximately 4-weeks on each text. Other practices throughout the year include Green Tara, Medicine Buddha, Amitabha and more. Mindfulness supports investigation, contemplation.
Regulars at CrossFit Margaret Rivers Monday evenings 7.15pm mindfulness sessions following the Mindfulness of the Day curriculum designed by Tig-Le and supported by Ben Robinson consistently holding space have formed a solid foundation for practice. Finding out how mindfulness supports physical, emotional and mental health both within the CFMR community and outside of the gym environment. They are a dedicated group gaining the benefits of regular practice. Fantastic effort all.
For those travelling to attend weekly sessions, there is opportunity to carpool. If you are interested, please let us know and we can help put you in contact with others. We have regulars attending from Busselton and Cowaramup.
Tig-Le has been asked to travel to share teaching in Fremantle. If this is something you would be interested in or can assist with, please let us know. We require a simple suitable location whether a comfortable lounge room or studio to accommodate a small group. If us coming to you would support your community and friends, and you have a suitable space, please let us know.
Thank you to all who attended the Metta meditation retreat at Fair Harvest Permaculture farm in November, always a very special time. Again, we reached maximum capacity with many familiar faces returning to retreats and new people joining. The beauty of sharing in a meaningful practice supporting a deeper friendship with this life, the common ground we all share, this precious human experience.

To conclude this term

Join us for the Dialogues of Compassion workshop next Sunday the 28th November.
This workshop will now run from 9.30am – 12.30pm with morning tea provided.
Registrations via email or text are required (no need to book online).
Cost is Dana, freely offered contribution. In this workshop we use a collective writing schema for actively developing mindful compassionate responses to challenging situations. Compassion is a practice.
This workshop is open to anyone who has done compassion training with Tig-Le previously including the Compassionate engagement workshops from earlier this term and previous years, and those who have done seven-point mind training with us in 2021. To enquire and register please contact Ian at tiglehouse@gmail.com
Wongkur ceremony and Community dinner Sunday 12th December, 4pm ceremony followed by dinner at 5.30pm. All welcome. Join us for the ceremony, the dinner, or both. Family friendly. Please bring food to share. We look forward to finishing the Tig-Le calendar term with you.

Looking ahead to 2022
*Regular weekly open house sessions and dedicated programs on mindfulness and ancient secular-sacred dharma studies, Puja, meditative contemplation and exploration.
*Private sessions and guidance.
*Teachings on mindfulness through a Permaculture lens, designing inner ecologies and walking the land.
*New texts and booklets on practice are being written now.
*A variety of weekend and longer retreats outlined below. 

A Permaculture retreat weekend 11th – 13th March 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Explore mindfulness through a permaculture lens including scientific method and meditative techniques for observation and interaction with the living land. ‘Zone 00’ designing inner ecologies, and ‘Walking the Land’ as developed by Ian Hackett and taught on the PDC courses at the Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm. Permaculture weekend retreat (tiglehouse.org)
5-day mindfulness and nature retreat 25th – 29th April 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Semi-silent retreat. Explore ancient secular-sacred mindfulness, mindful breath, mindful walking, the senses, and contemplation techniques in remembering and reconnecting with the sacred relationship we have with the natural living world and living Earth. Time for rest, recharge and respite. 5-day mindfulness and nature retreat (tiglehouse.org)
5-day silent meditation retreat 10th – 14th October 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Engage in ancient, secular-sacred, non-religious traditional buddha-dharma teachings and practices expressed in a modern language and context. These teachings are a vast treasury for our shared humanity, enriching daily life, in service of a healthy peaceful humanity working for the health of the world. 5-day silent meditation retreat (tiglehouse.org) As our ‘duty of care’ pervious mindfulness training or attendance at a previous retreat with Ian is a requirement to attend. Please contact tiglehouse@gmail.com
Metta meditation weekend 11th – 13th November 2022 @ Fair Harvest. Details to come.
We wish you well everyone, both today and in the times ahead.
Ian at Tig-Le House
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