Tig-Le House Newsletter 15th October 2020

Hi friends of Tig-Le,

Fourth term mindfulness starts up next week Tuesday 20th October, here is an update on what is happening for us this term.

Ian will be focusing on the sharing of dharma teachings and meditative practices each Thursday morning here at Tig-Le House, along with weekend retreats and workshops dedicated to specific trainings, mindfulness, and dharma teachings both at Fair Harvest and Tig-Le. Ian will be using this term to share some of these deeper teachings along with working on training curriculums, Pujas, and Sadhana texts.

More of the work of sharing the Establishment of Mindfulness Practices will be done by friends of Tig-Le as mindfulness gains ground and understanding grows within community. Ben Robinson of CrossFit Margaret River holds a regular weekly Monday evening session 7.15pm open to everyone. These are a great opportunity for those who have evenings available for practice to attend as there are NO weekly Wednesday evening sessions at Tig-Le for fourth term. Tash Bostock will share the Establishment of Mindfulness Practices at Fair Harvest each Tuesday 9.30am, and Debbie Chambers hosts Mindful Art Wednesdays 10.30am at Ferart Studio.

We have now finished offering online sessions through Zoom. It has been a helpful tool and we appreciate that this has been the only access point for a few over the Covid-19 restriction period. Thank you to those who supported this effort. We will revisit the option of an online platform in the future.

For anyone interested in longer practices with Enriched Mindfulness instruction, our weekend retreats at Fair Harvest Permaculture are a great opportunity to explore deeper practices which include group sessions, experienced instruction, private dialogue, personal guidance, and respite. To run retreats, we require minimum numbers of participants, booking well in advance allows us to plan and ensure these weekends run. We continue working on making all our retreats accessible and inclusive with consideration to the realities of modern daily life. Our retreats are simple and comfortable with a strong focus on an ecologically responsible footprint. The Metta Meditation weekend in November is on!!

This month we celebrate the end of our 8th year running. We look forward to celebrating this together with a Wongkur of Chenrezi representation of the essence of Refuge, the spark of all our compassionate hearts working for peace in the world. A reflection of intent, and inspiration for anyone who values the efforts for cultivating peace and health for all this world. The Wongkur sacred ceremony begins Sunday 25th October 10am, followed by a shared lunch at 12 noon. All welcome.

Below is the calendar for fourth term, we look forward to seeing you then.

Warmest regards


Regular Mindfulness and Dharma sessions

Mondays 7.15pm – Mindful Mondays @ CrossFit MR with Ben Robinson – book here/travelling-crossfitter

Tuesdays 9.30am – Weekly Mindfulness 27th October – 8th December @ Fair Harvest with Tash Bostock.        No bookings required. Cost is Dana suggested contribution $10 – $20pp.  https://fb.me/e/fXZ6EVh6A

Wednesdays 10.30am – Mindful Art @ Ferart studio with Debbie Chambers. Contact: debbie@ferart.com

Thursdays 9.15am – Weekly Dharma sessions 22nd October – 10th December @ Tig-Le House with Ian Hackett No bookings required. Cost is Dana suggested contribution $10 – $20pp.  https://fb.me/e/3Fght8ejV

Mindfulness and other Workshops

Sit n stitch Leaves for Life Sunday 18th October 10.30am @ Tig-Le House. https://fb.me/e/eTqi0sU5Q

Introduction to mindfulness Tuesday 20th October 9.30am @ Fair Harvest with Ian Hackett.  https://fb.me/e/2V8xDbQsF No bookings required. Cost is Dana suggested contribution $20 – $40pp.

Mandala art and mindfulness 6-week series @ Margaret River Art & Environment. Fully booked. More dates to come.

Dialogues of Compassion Tuesday 8th December 9.30am @ Fair Harvest with Ian Hackett.   https://fb.me/e/cjxd2FhrT No bookings required. Cost is Dana suggested contribution $20 – $40pp.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Nature Retreats

Metta meditation weekend retreat @ Fair Harvest 13th – 15th November: The practice of Metta helps us to find meaningful sources of love and understanding within our own lives allowing us to live filled with greater goodwill and compassionate connectedness. Bookings: metta-meditation-making-friends-with-life-13th-15th-november-2020/

Global mindfulness foundations weekend @ Fair Harvest 11th – 13th December: An introduction to the Establishment practices of secular and sacred global mindfulness with Ian Hackett. Bookings: mindfulness-foundations-weekend-retreat-11th-13th-december-2020/

Mindful breath weekend retreat @ Fair Harvest 8th – 10th January 2021: Learning to stop and bring awareness to this vital principle, the breathing body of life is a valuable remedy stabilizing the mind and heart, a deepening calm relationship to the nature of life and living. Participants require an understanding of mindfulness prior to attending. Please contact us on tiglehouse@gmail.com Bookings: mindful-breath-natures-breathing-body-8th-10th-january-2021/

*Further detailed information on each retreat is available on the website @ tiglehouse.org/retreats-events/

Private appointment times: Ian is available each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for private individual, couples, and small group mindfulness training, mindful counsel, and dharma teachings. Contact Ian via email, text, or Facebook messenger to make an appointment. Dana in support is greatly appreciated and respected by everyone who attends.

Dana contributions & donations: Dana translates as the generosity of shared wisdom amongst people, amongst humanity. At Tig-Le we do our work in the heart of Dana, making practice accessible and inclusive, encouraging a voluntarily prosocial and mutually supportive culture. We are grateful of all your contributions that support us to continue in this way.

Web: tiglehouse.org/

Email: tiglehouse@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tiglehouse/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tigle_house/

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