Tig-Le House Newsletter 18th September 2022 

Hi friends of Tig-Le,
We finish up third term at the end of the coming week. To wind-up we have Wongkur ceremony of Vajrapani followed by a community lunch. We would love your company for either the ceremony or lunch, or both!!
Tig-Le will then be closed from the 25th of September for a short rest.
Wongkur of Vajrapani Saturday 24th of September 10am. Wongkur is a meditative ceremony in the sphere of the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition. Vajrapani is a deep aspect of us all, a powerful Refuge that lives within. Knowledge and understanding are supported through training and practice. Please arrive 10 to 15minutes early. Community lunch at 12noon. All welcome, please bring a small plate of food to share.


Fourth term retreats, mindfulness training and dharma teachings begin soon.
If you are thinking of joining retreat or the 8-week mindfulness course, please book in asap so we can confirm and make arrangements. Here is what we are up to until the end of this year. We hope you can join us.

Fourth term begins with:
5-day mindfulness and nature semi-silent retreat, 10th – 14th October @ Fair Harvest
This is a semi-silent retreat exploring the foundations of traditional and contemporary mindfulness through an ecological lens. We walk, practice, share knowledge. Stay on-site or off-site, there are daily attendance options also.
Bookings at 5-day mindfulness and nature semi-silent retreat (tiglehouse.org)

Mindfulness 8-week training program, 19th October to 7th December @ Tig-Le House.
A step-by-step training program covering mindfulness foundations combining traditional and contemporary approaches. Wednesday evenings 7pm – 8:15pm, Limited 12 placements.
Booking at Mindfulness 8-week training program (tiglehouse.org)

Open house mindfulness, Tuesday mornings 9am
Learn traditional mindfulness in an open and integrated way. Begins 18th October. No bookings, all welcome. Cost is Dana – a supportive contribution.

Mindful walking group, Wednesday mornings 9am
Free community activity. Begins 19th October following retreat. Please join the Tig-Le House mindful walking group on Facebook or message us to be added to the Messenger chat group for times and location details. Tig-Le mindful walking group Facebook

Universalist Buddhadharma meditation training and practice group, Thursday mornings 9am
 For fourth term I will be sharing foundation trainings and teachings for Ngondro, Mahamudra tradition. Begins 20th October. No bookings, experience with mindfulness is a prerequisite. Cost is Dana – a supportive contribution.

Mettā meditation weekend: Holding life dear, 11th – 13th November 2022 @ Fair Harvest
Our last retreat for 2022. Mettā (Pali.) The ever-present potential to hold all aspects of life and living as a good friend, dearly in our hearts. An understanding of mindfulness is highly recommended.
Bookings here at Metta meditation weekend – holding life dear (tiglehouse.org) 

Private sessions, for individuals and groups, mindfulness training by appointment. Tig-Le supports many individuals, friends, families, professionals, local businesses, Not-for-profits, and community groups offering support through mindfulness training and practices. Contact us to find out how we can assist tiglehouse@gmail.com or 0408952151.

Land and people, Bushland regeneration, permaculture projects, land and people nature-based learning and activities with Ian contact us at tiglehouse@gmail.com or 0408952151. Tig-Le House is located at: 11 Tingle Avenue, Margaret River, Western Australia, 6285.

Well wishes everyone, Metta
Ian and family at Tig-Le
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