Tig-Le House Newsletter June 2024

Hi there, friends of Tig-Le, 

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to everyone who joined our sessions over the second term and also recognise the effort that goes into regular attendance. It has been a fulfilling time, and we have enjoyed seeing long-time dharma friends and familiar faces and meeting new people. It is a joy to share mindfulness, whether someone is familiar with or new to this approach. Together, through practice, we find warmth in both times of depth and challenge, as well as in lightness and ease. This is the work of mindfulness, discovering how to accept experience with a warm heart and develop understanding and insight that allows us to find Refuge in all it is to be human.
This week, June 10th, is the last for the Second term. We will be taking a break until the Third term begins later in July.
Drawing on the understanding gained from last year’s year-long retreat, we have planned to use the Third term to share teaching and practices in a new format that allows us to manage the energy required to run Tig-Le House while attending to other life needs.
During the third term, we will create opportunities for the broader community and the community of regular practitioners to come together intermittently in various ways, such as mindfulness sessions, mindful walking groups, Sangha socials, retreats, and Wongkur ceremonies. We will notify you about these sessions via our newsletters and emails. Please note that there will be no regular weekly sessions during the third term.

Other happenings

Mindful Walking Weekend at The Origins Centre, Balingup, 16th – 18th August. Mindful walking is a dynamic practice that reveals many aspects of how we approach and navigate our daily lives. By uncovering our habits and predispositions to everyday experiences, mindful walking shows us the workings of the mind. Through an Ecodharma lens, mindful walking methods guide us to move across Country with greater attentiveness, respect, and care. These practices expand our natural abilities to observe and interact mindfully with our own inner ecology and the broader body of nature. Participants can choose to stay at the centre or join the daily sessions while staying offsite. For more information, please visit Mindful Walking Weekend Retreat (tiglehouse.org) or contact tiglehouse@gmail.com 

The Mindfulness of the Day program continues with Ben Robinson at CrossFit Margaret River. Contact CFMR to join What We Offer | Crossfit Margaret River Or contact crossfitmargaretriver@gmail.com
Mindfulness-based mental conditioning in sports continues with Luke Johnson’s Soccer Academy players. A mindful culture in community sports supports health and well-being both on and off the pitch. Contact Luke at www.ljsoccer.com.au
We hosted a beautiful Walking-the-land session on Mokidup Bilya (Ellensbrook River Catchment) in May as part of a heartwarming opening to the Riparian Zone Rehabilitation Course at Fair Harvest.
Our first Dharma book (other than our Puja Texts) is nearly completed. It is a descriptor of the Theravada Dharma teachings in the context of our universalist contemporary approaches as done through Tig-Le House. We hope to have print copies available before the end of the year. Other books are in the making.

Tig-Le Articles

Here are links to our current collection of Puja and Sadhana texts.
Pujas Category (tiglehouse.org)
Sadhanas Category (tiglehouse.org)

We deeply appreciate all the support we have received this year. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributes. If you would like to support Tig-Le, you can do this via Contributions at Contributions, gifts or offerings (tiglehouse.org) or in person. Tig-Le relies solely on the contributions of those who attend. Your contribution is meaningful support for our ongoing efforts to share mindfulness in the community.
Well wishes to everyone. We look forward to seeing you during the wintery seasons.
Genyen – Ian Hackett and the Tig-Le family
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