Tig-Le House Newsletter 16th December 2019

Hi friends of Tig-Le,

This is our last newsletter for 2019. It has been a healthy year for Tig-Le with changes creating opportunities for practice growth, empowerment of understanding, concentration of efforts, and the strengthening of relationships with others working on health and Refuge in varied ways. This has cumulated into energy for outreach, various sessions and retreats, Puja, Wongkur and Sadhana developments, all of which deepen and enrich mindfulness and allow us to share extension work including meditative practices and continue modern expression of ancient dharma.

In 2020 we will continue these efforts; together we all make Refuge and healthy engagement with daily life and living possible. Thank you to everyone involved, to those who attend teaching and practice sessions, to those who embrace understanding of the precious dharma teachings and work to apply them in their lives, for sharing your friendship and generosity, for all your help. It’s all about the Refuge collectively we seek to create in individual personal ways, in our lives, with others, for this World and the future, equal for all life. Our sincere gratitude to all.

Saddhu, Saddhu, Saddhu – Enable, enact, conserve all that builds peace and health in the world.

Tig-Le Closed: 22nd December 2019 – 22nd January 2020: *Ian is available for private consultation and appointments throughout January

This week with Tig-Le House 16th – 22nd December.Monday 16th, 6.45pm – Mindful men at CrossFit MR Tuesday 17th – NO SESSIONS Thursday 19th, 9.15am – Puja, Ngondro training at Tig-Le House Thursday 19th, 7.30pm – Mindfulness at Tig-Le House Sunday 22nd, 10am – Free event: Community mindfulness walk at Fair Harvest

Retreats 2020

Open and integrated week-long retreat2nd – 8th February: This week-long retreat offers flexibility and access to teaching instruction including personal support. We will include enriched mindfulness training, meditative techniques, and universalist dharma teachings. Stay on-site or attend sessions as required from off-site to fit with daily life, work, family and other commitments. Due to the open approach and nature of the teachings this retreat is a closed retreat for friends and those who have attended previous teaching and / or retreats with Ian from Tig-Le House. Meditation and committed efforts to practice require support and guidance, Refuge for safe engagement. Details will be email soon. Please contact Tig-Le tiglehouse@gmail.com soon to register your interest.

Mindful men 16thDecember 6.45pm. (Note: time change). CrossFit Margaret River continue to offer space for the mindful men’s group. It is vitally important to work together as men developing beneficial mental, emotional and physical health at the place of personal and societal intersections. Tonight, is our last session, next year’s schedule to come out soon.

We finish the year with a free Community Mindfulness Walk on the 22nd December 10am – 11am at Fair Harvests farm open day and café. All welcome, meet us in the Old barn for a 10am start. After the walk is a Sound meditation session with Ute Coleman.

We now have a Puja to a Wedded Union. If you know anyone interested in having a Buddhadharma blessing for a wedding ceremony, please direct them to Tig-Le. It’s a loved and precious addition to a wedding day.Last month’s word swarm activity was cancelled. We know there is interest in this activity, and it is always a favourite for people on the mindfulness and nature weekend retreats. So, we will hold a New Year Sangha dinner, mala and mantra making evening at Fair Harvest Thursday 23rd January 2020. There is a cost involved to cover dinner and materials. We are confirming this and will let you know in the next newsletter.

Requests for training, teachings and events: Individuals and groups can make requests for training or teachings, private dialogue, families, workplaces, groups, ceremonies, retreats. We travel to support those wishing access to training and practice. Contact Ian Hackett at Tig-Le House tiglehouse@gmail.com or 0408952151. Tig-Le operates solely on freely gifted financial contributions by those who attend sessions and retreats. Dana is our livelihood; donations are warmly welcomed.Some sessions have suggestions as a guide for contribution. Retreats have set fees for venue use and meals which are separate for Dana support.If you find it difficult to attend due to financial limitations, please let us know as support takes many forms.

Metta to all

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