Tig-Le House Newsletter 19th January 2020

Hi friends of Tig-Le,

Happy New Year and new decade to everyone, another calendar year full orbit around the life-giving Sun. We are looking forward to sharing in the next year together. We have created further opportunities for sharing extension practices along with introductory sessions for mindfulness foundations.

Retreats abound with one per month through until the middle of the year at Fair Harvest. Many thanks for continuing to work with us so we can offer affordable retreats that meet the needs of modern life.In a time when collectively we all need access to ancient human wisdoms that support a healthy future, modern living makes it increasingly challenging, so we get creative and find ways connecting ancient secular mindfulness with modern dharmas.

Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group working on Puja throughout the year we will have our new Theravada Dharma Puja text printed soon. Our thanks to all involved, and to Sally for her ongoing editing support. Repetition of practice bears the fruits; Pujas contain all the teachings in such beautiful language.Modern forms of lineage Sadhanas are also evolving. White Tara is our next Wongkur ceremony.

Saturday 25th January 3.30pm is the ‘Garden Bee’. We will plant out the old vegetable garden to a flower garden for use on the shrine, in celebrations and ceremonies. We would love your help, all are welcome.

First session back at Tig-Le is Thursday 30th January 9.15am – 10.30am. This session will focus on establishing mindful Refuge for the Thursday morning group. Open to all. A good time to join in on Puja.

New weekly schedule: See calendar below for the specific trainings for each session.Tuesdays 9.15am – 10.15am: Mindfulness foundation trainings 8-week series @ Fair HarvestWednesdays 7.15pm – 8.15pm: Mindfulness foundation trainings 8-week series @ Tig-LeThursdays 9.15am – 10.30am: Meditation, Puja and dharma sessions @ Tig-Le*A series is helpful as mindfulness grows sequentially and organically and requires understanding for its development and maintenance. Dedicated effort brings the benefits.

Open and integrated week-long retreat 2nd – 8th February: This week-long retreat is on. The approach is flexibility, integration with access to extension practices, meditations and personal support. True Refuge is the integration of practice into daily life. Contact Tig-Le to register attendance tiglehouse@gmail.com, camping bookings are through youcamp.com/view/fair-harvest-margaret-river

Full Moon – Wongkur of White Tara Sunday 9th February 4pm – 5.30pm: White Tara represents the vital energy for life and living with compassion. She is the rainbow embodiment of peacefulness and acceptance, the restful energy and emergent activity of the clear mind of hope and faith that sustains. You are invited to bring items for blessing in the ceremony or white flowers for the shrine. We will be blessing the new Tara Rupa also. It is tradition to support the celebration through Dana, the offering of food, clothing, shelter or medicine. All welcome, friends, families and children

Retreats *All bookings for the following retreats are made through www.fairharvest.com.au Retreat inquiries can be directed to tiglehouse@gmail.com

Requests for training, teachings and events: Individuals and groups can make requests for training or teachings, private dialogue, families, workplaces, groups, ceremonies, retreats. We travel to support those wishing access to training and practice. Contact Ian Hackett at Tig-Le House tiglehouse@gmail.com or 0408952151

Tig-Le operates solely on freely gifted financial contributions by those who attend sessions and retreats. Dana is our livelihood; donations are warmly welcomed. Some sessions have suggestions as a guide for contribution. Retreats have set fees for venue use and meals which are separate for Dana support. If you find it difficult to attend due to financial limitations, please let us know as support takes many forms.

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