Hi and well wishes to everyone.

It has been a busy beginning to 2020 and we are well immersed into the year and unfolding practice.Thanks everyone who participated in the February Open Integrated retreat it was wonderful and feedback has been immensely supportive. The most common response was how the approach and openness of the retreat worked for integration and depth so to be enlivening, enjoyable, free of pressure and expectation, as well as practical. A big thanks to our hosts at Fair Harvest, one of who also enjoyed retreating. This is a valuable relationship allowing us to work inclusively within community.

People from all over the globe visit Tig-Le’s sessions and retreats. Many have experienced the dharma teachings through centres around the world. Often, they express their gratitude, a response of ease and joy in the contemporary approach and modern language that carries the heart essence of the teachings. It’s lovely to hear this from visitors. The premise is to develop dharma for all, supporting all lives and the world.

Our new Theravada Dhamma Daily Puja is printed and available at Tig-Le. Puja remains a favourite for a steady group. At Tig-Le we share Buddhadharma teachings and develop understanding supporting everyone involved. Formal students’ interest in the practice of Sadhana along within the setting up and understanding of Wongkur service is taking shape which will grow the benefits of this form of practice.

Our next Wongkur is Amitabha the Buddha of infinite light and life Thursday 9th April 5.30pm dinner followed by the service at 6.30pm. A lovely way to turn the mind of compassion leading into Easter. Amitabha represents the development of our Buddha-nature as a work of compassion, the collective efforts of genuine love and care in the world. This wisdom is our nature, its potential is real and can be cultivated through mindfulness. All welcome, including children, family and friends, please bring simple food to share.

Regular Weekly Schedule:Tuesdays 9.15am – 10.15am: Mindfulness foundation trainings 8-week series @ Fair HarvestWednesdays 7.15pm – 8.15pm: Mindfulness foundation trainings 8-week series @ Tig-Le HouseThursdays 9.15am – 10.30am: Meditation, Puja and dharma sessions @ Tig-Le House.

Our next retreat is Harmony weekend – A metta meditation retreat 20th – 22nd March: Metta is the practice of extending our mindful capacity, the possibilities for friendliness, love and understanding towards our own lives, towards all lives equal, towards living World Gaia. Harmony is required in the world to take us all beyond the harms caused by lost love and care seen in prejudice and racism, the exclusiveness and privilege that separates and divides. Now is always the time to develop the mind of Metta in the human species.

Below is information about our other retreats for the first half of 2020.Bookings for all retreats can be made through www.fairharvest.com.au

Please direct retreat inquiries and questions relating to teachings and schedules to tigleontingle@gmail.com Many thanks

Mindfulness and nature weekend retreat17th – 19th April: Mindfulness is our inherited sacred dialogue with daily life and the living planet. The practice of mindfulness connects us to life developing awareness and an intention of friendship and care allowing a healthy engagement with life and the nature of living. On retreat we explore the foundations of mindfulness, meditative practices and creative techniques to support understanding.

Mindful breath – Natures breathing body of life 1st – 3rd May: All life is breathing moment to moment, every plant and animal, the oceans and forests, the living soil, climate and sky, a continual exchange. How often do we stop and bring awareness to this vital principle of life? Mindfulness of breath is the practice of stopping and observing, anchoring the mind, deepening calm. A valuable remedy, when accompanied by mindfulness this practice develops mental stability, calm awareness and healthy mental discipline.

Mindfulness and nature weekend retreat12th – 14th June: When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, stripped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shinning together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty”. John Muir, “Travels in Alaska”, 1915. Seeing the world through the lens of mindfulness allows us to experience its infinite struggle and beauty with increasing calm and compassion for the miracle of daily life.

Mindfulness Mondays @ CrossFit MR. The Mindfulness program at CrossFit is up and running. On the 4th Monday of each month 7.15pm – 8.15pm Ian launches the Mindfulness of the Day (MOD) which is the main practice for a 1-month period. Ben Robinson (CrossFit MR owner and coach) holds the practice space each following Monday until the launch of the next MOD. There are 12 MOD’s to learn over the year. This program is exclusively developed by Tig-Le for CrossFit MR. All sessions are open to CrossFit members and the public.

Parking at Tig-Le. Just a reminder to please avoid parking on our neighbour’s verges. They have been very kind and understanding. The public park across the road on the corner of Hillier Drive and Tingle Ave is a great spot to park, also you are welcome on our lawn anytime just keeping the driveway free in the evenings for the family.

Tig-Le library. A reminder for the Tig-Le library. When borrowing please write your name, book title and date borrowed in the notebook provided. When returning please draw a line through your name to mark as returned. Thank you to everyone for respecting the library. Some books have been donated by others building the scope of sources, many thanks.

1:1 Private sessions. Many are taking advantage of private instruction on mindfulness practice and mindful approaches to support daily life. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days I am available. You can call, text or message to arrange a time. Local medical professionals refer clients also.

Workplace mindfulness. This space is growing, sharing the foundation principles, practices and language of mindfulness to support staff and management alike in local businesses.

Requests for training, teachings and events: Individuals and groups can request training or teachings, private dialogue, families, workplaces, groups, ceremonies, retreats. We travel to support those wishing access to training and practice. Contact Ian Hackett at Tig-Le House tigleontingle@gmail.com or 0408952151

Dana. Tig-Le operates solely on freely gifted financial contributions by those who attend sessions and retreats. Dana is our livelihood; donations are warmly welcomed. Some sessions have suggestions as a guide for contribution. Retreats have set fees for venue use and meals which are separate for Dana support. If you find it difficult to attend due to financial limitations, please let us know as support takes many forms.Thank you for all your support and contributions.

Metta to all. The possibilities for friendship, love and understanding exist in the hearts and minds of humanity so together we keep it alive and well.

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