Medicine Buddha Puja

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15-page PDF / 46-page hardcopy booklet. This is a contemporary Puja to Medicine Buddha, a traditional Buddhist text expressed with an ecological and social justice lens. The text is a contemplative meditation practice predominately in English, any Sanskrit and Tibetan language is translated into English. This meaningful practice is a relevant guide for the development of engaged compassionate thought and action in the context of modern life and daily living.

Available as a 46-page hardcopy traditional format. Please contact to purchase. (Minimum charge involved for hardcopies).

Available as a 15-page PDF online download.

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Here is an excerpt from the Puja – From the 12 commitments of Medicine Buddha:

Enable social medicine, a Just society, asylum, shelter and refuge for all.
Freedom from the harms of poverty, climate and ecological desecration, political corruption;
the loss of protection caused by exploitation.

Heal the imbalances of disastrous inequality, the harms of domestic violence.
Uphold the rights of women, children, all. Respect to the diversity of gender identity, choice of sexual relations and freedoms.

Protection from the harms of prejudice and discrimination, alienation, marginalisation and oppression
based on privilege, gender, race or ethnicity.

Lift the hearts and minds of humanity into a harmonious collaboration, compassionate response to all the adversity encountered in this world.

Great healing of the individual, great healing of humanity
This World is medicine, this life is medicine
When healing is not possible, rest the heart
When healing is possible, turn the mind
When healing, turn to the world