Old Theravada Dhamma Puja

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13-page PDF / 42-page hardcopy booklet. This Pūjā contains foundational meditations, contemplations, on the original teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha. This is a practice text containing Pali language translated into modern English, a guide for developing ways of engaged compassionate thought and action relevant in the context of modern life and daily living.

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Available as a 13-page PDF online download.

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Here is an excerpt from the Puja:

Bojjhangas Prayer:
Bojjhango sati sankhāto, dhammānam vicayo tathā;
vīriyam pīti pasaddhi; ca tathāpare, samadh-upekkhā;
satte’te sabbadassinā; muninā sammadakkhātā, bhāvitā bahulīkatā.

These seven limbs of awakening; mind of bodhi, investigating truly the nature of reality, bringing will and energy,
gladness of heart, tranquility, mind and life; all these marks of practice, moral intelligence, objectively engaged for peace; all seeing, entirely, world of experience; long dedicated to restraint and discernment, developed, abundant well cultured heart.