Theravada Dhamma Puja text

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28-page downloadable PDF / 47-page hardcopy booklet. This Pūjā contains foundational meditations and contemplations on the original teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha. This is a practice text containing Pali language translated into modern English, a guide for developing ways of engaged compassionate thought and action relevant in the context of modern life and daily living.

Available as a 28-page PDF online download.

Also available as a 47-page hard copy traditional format text. Please contact to purchase a hard copy. (Minimum charge involved for hardcopies).

For local purchases please contact Tig-Le House to arrange payment and pickup.


Here is an excerpt from the Puja:

A universal message of acknowledgement, solidarity and respect
This booklet has been compiled to support friends, families, communities, and the collective of humanity.
With thanks and gratitude to our lineage teachers and all who practice,
To the lineage of all peoples involved in the continuity and evolution of sacred wisdom and teachings,
To all lives everywhere sharing the journey of peaceful living,
To this exquisite World, planet Earth, Gaia, all our home,
To you all, our honour and respect,
May this be an offering of support and solidarity with the future for all lives.

Sabbe Sattā Sukhitā Hontu
All that lives be well, be happy
Samagga Lokadassana
Peace to all this World and beyond
Saddhu, Saddhu, Saddhu
Embody, Enable, Conserve all that is Refuge