booking mindfulness weekend 7th & 8th January 2023



Mindfulness weekend

7th & 8th January 2023

Join us for a weekend of teachings and practices on the establishment and maintenance of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is our innate potential to be aware and attentive to our human experience with kindness, care, and ethical engagement leading to a more compassionate response to life and living for the benefit of our own individual health and peace (Refuge), and for the Refuge of others, life, and the world itself.

Training and practice support us to meet and get to know ourselves with greater friendship and care, to understand more deeply what it is to be human and alive, to see the world with greater clarity, whilst discovering meaningful supports for a calmer and enriched life.

This weekend is suited to experienced and new practitioners, an opportunity to learn and/or reaffirm approaches to establishing and maintaining mindfulness through tried and test traditional and modern techniques.

Location: Fair Harvest Permaculture farm, Margaret River.

The weekend is open to those wanting to stay onsite or offsite. There will be plenty of opportunity for rest, respite, enjoy Margaret River, swim, walk in the forest, etc.


Saturday 7th

  • Mindfulness session 8:30am & 4pm

Sunday 8th

  • Mindfulness session 8:30am

Bookings are required. Option 1 = $225 all sessions plus meals. Option 2 = $35 any single session, no meals.

Option 1 $225 = Includes:

  • 2 days mindfulness teaching and training
  • Saturday lunch and dinner, morning and afternoon tea, coffee, cake and snacks from the Fair Harvest farm and kitchen
  • Sunday morning tea
  • To camp onsite booking is a separate cost done through Fair Harvest, see below.

If you would like to camp onsite, please make your booking directly through Fair Harvest, Margaret River Camping (, separate costs involved.

*Note: bookings for a Fair Harvest campsite are inclusive of two people for one set fee, you may like to camp with a friend.

The Fair Harvest campground is open to the public at the same time as the retreat is running.

Our retreats are smoke, drug and alcohol free for all retreat participants.


Mindfulness weekend 7th & 8th January 2023 (