Sacred song of tribute and celebration to the wisdom of compassionate care

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8-page PDF. This sacred song, a meditative practice, has been written in support of families and friends, communities, all peoples of the world, all species and the world environment. To all people involved in the sharing of precious human teachings that support the development of Peaceful ways of living.
With thanks and gratitude, deep respect to all our guides, to all lives everywhere sharing the journey of living with this exquisite world Gaia Mother Earth, all our home.

This tribute is based on the sacred text of Green Tara from the collection of HH XVI Karmapa Thaye Dorje and Shamar Rinpoche through the network of Namgyal Rinpoche. Revised by Chagmed Rinpoche and Chime Shore. This expression by Ian Hackett Tig-Le House

May what we offer be living support to all forms of life, weaving an ancestral harmony, past, present and future.


Here is an excerpt from the Song:

Great mind of joyful transformation, inner clear thought
Compassionate potential, deep time sacred memory, living wide awake in the world
Increase creative intelligence, love and understanding, turning of the mind of wisdom, present everywhere
Sustained vital energy, uninterrupted flow, working for peace in the world
This great awakened mind, greatest potential in us all, source of delight and pure energy for life.


May natures intelligence flourish covering all the world with its wonderous light

May our understanding contribute to long and harmonious life

May misunderstanding cease to cause such fear and tragic harm

In bringing forth our latent potential, wise activity may increase

Ecological health and social wealth expand in ways the world can sustain

May true care lessen the disasters of injustice, poverty, famine, sickness, waste and war

May the wisdom of our collective compassionate care be a great gift in this living world.



Great mind of minds, star like saviour

Bright awareness swift to act

Take us into your protection and guidance for all lifes sake

So that we may all be free from the bonds that entangle us

May you be a beacon in times of need

For myself and all others to