Creative Ecology Interview with Ian Hackett

Welcome to this Creative Ecology Podcast with creator and interviewer Katharina Meister.

Katharina is an independent visual artist, educator and environmental scientist with a love for nature and a passion for art and science. With concerns over climate change Katharina wanted to use her art to present this topic from a more creative and emotional point of view understanding the role of creativity in problem solving.

In this episode I am talking with Ian Hackett a mindfulness and dharma teacher. In my conversation with him, we speak about:

  • How Ian’s connection to nature developed
  • How Ian got in contact with mindfulness and meditation
  • Meaning of the word eco-dharma
  • How to learn from and handle suffering
  • Foundation of Tig-Le House and his journey to become a mindfulness and dharma teacher
  • How to connect with and understand nature
  • The practice of meditation
  • How to bring mindfulness to daily living
  • and many other things.

For more of Katharina’s podcasts, you can go to PODCAST | Mysite 1 (

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