Tig-Le House Newsletter 7th April 2020

Mindful: hold, practice, consider, engage.

Hi friends of Tig-Le,Our well wishes to everyone, we hope you are managing well in this time. Our thoughts are with you as we all navigate the individual personal aspects of this change along with family and community relationships, connections, health, new routines, work, education and finances. Daily life continues with adjustments made, sometimes on-the-go. We hope you are having success establishing and maintaining helpful routines and embracing any new opportunities that present.

At Tig-Le we are coming into our usual time for rest and a break between teaching terms over the Easter and school holiday period. This coming Thursday 9th April we will finish up for 1st term. Ian is happy to remain available by email and Messenger app video call if you would like to talk about mindfulness and meditative practice or would like support with counsel or guidance.

We are taking a hold, practice and consider approach currently. Maintaining our practice of mindfulness, observing the unfolding personal, family and societal changes whilst calmly establishing ourselves for what may be a longer breath. New understanding and new practices often emerge out of rest and retreat times; new Sadhana, Puja and Retreats especially can be a joy to work on.

The essential practice community, collaborative efforts and the sharing of mindfulness and Buddhadharma going forward. The time has come where we probably need a website, so we will investigate this as part of our considered approach. We would first explore creating a site here at Tig-Le. If you have any experience, we would love to hear from you. Which platform to use for ease of access, presentation of teaching materials and video uploads? Any advice at all! What you have found works and what does not. There is an opportunity here for sharing a collective of any works or activities that relate to the principles of mindfulness including Puja, Sadhana, Mindfulness programs, Art, Photography, Music, Booklets, Writing and Poetry, Community projects and EarthCare etc.Online practice sessions. We have trialled Zoom app with CrossFit MR members and found it effective for sharing practice. If required after the term rest, we will set up some online mindfulness and dharma sessions for Tig-Le friends. We have initially held off too much online activity so that we can all settle into the changes of daily life as many of us have children to care for, homes to maintain and daily chores to attend to, good health to look after, along with managing changes in work circumstances and financial commitments; we did not want to overload anyone with extra responsibilities.

Please take care. Our thoughts, minds and hearts are with you each day. If you need help or supports in anyway then please reach out. Allowing for compassionate care to be offered and accepted is an essential aspect of enabling a greater expansiveness of compassionate care in the world.

ARAHUM, ARAHUM, ARAHUM – A lovely saying some of you may remember which expresses as: So we say ourselves with a warm strong heart. An expression of heart-felt energy for all that we see, all the experiences we can acknowledge and name in this mind, in this life whether one’s own or another’s.

Take care and go well

Ian from Tig-Le

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