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Mindfulness 8-week training program October 2022

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This event finished on 07 December 2022

Mindfulness 8-week training program

Wednesday evenings 7pm – 8:15pm

19th October to 7th December 2022

An 8-week step-by-step mindfulness training program developed right here in Margaret River by Ian Hackett of Tig-Le House. The program builds an understanding of what mindfulness is and how to practice in a way that establishes our innate mindful capacity.

Using experience and the insights of modern and traditional teaching methods, Ian supports participants in the program to establish, develop, and maintain this beneficial quality and practice that contributes to our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social health in so many ways.

Bookings are required online. Limited placements.

There are various costing options to choose from, please freely select the amount that suits your needs.

A commitment to attend the full program is highly encouraged. We understand sometimes circumstances mean a class or two may be missed.



“After going to mindfulness with Ian now I know why I was so interested in mindfulness and this way of approaching living, which I never really got from books and online courses. I’ve been practicing and it has helped me live with so much more awareness, kindness and calmness. What an amazing teacher and what I have learned is changing my world, the flow on benefits are huge”. ~M.W.~


*All are welcomed, Bookings required. Limited placements
All welcome. Bookings required.

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