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Ecodharma weekend retreat: 16th April – 18th April 2021 

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Location: Fair Harvest Permaculture, Margaret River, Western Australia.

In this retreat we discuss and apply ancient mindfulness trainings and meditative practices from a global secular and sacred cross-cultural Buddhist perspective in a time of ecological and societal challenge, crisis, and change.

The teachings and practices are aimed at assisting the emergence of life affirming individuals, human societies, and cultures through the union of contemporary knowledge and understandings, and the supports of ancient Buddhadharma wisdoms.

Ecodharma defined:

  • Eco: A caring, friendly, and healing engagement with the living environments and ecological foundations of life. Doing no harm to life and this living world.
  • Dharma: Teachings and practices arising from the understanding of nature, evolutionary principles, and phenomena that support increasingly human wisdom, knowledge, and compassionate activity in the world for the continual development of an all-encompassing global health and peace in every aspect of reality.
  • Ecodharma: The purposeful development of ecological ethical conduct as an aspect of mature compassionate consciousness.

Schedule and class content:

  • Friday 16th – Arrival from 3pm onwards to set up camp and settle in. Meet and greet 5.30pm. Dinner 6pm. Ecodharma and ecological mindfulness 7pm
  • Saturday 17th – Ecodharma teachings and practices for compassionate understanding of Dukkha: how we suffer and the wisdoms within our misunderstandings 9am 
  • Saturday 17th – Ecodharma teachings and practices for compassionate understanding of Anicca: change, adaptability, impermanence, and the vast transient dynamic 3.30pm
  • Sunday 18th – Ecodharma teachings and practices for compassionate understanding of Anatta: beautiful impersonality, the joy of interbeing and a biocentric view 9am
*All are welcomed

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