Dialogues of compassion workshop

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Dialogues of Compassion workshop

Sunday 28th November 2021 9am – 4pm @tiglehouse

This workshop follows on from the Compassionate engagement one-day intensive workshop. It can not be done as a stand-alone workshop.

Compassion is a practice. In the development of our mindful nature, we come to see that life requires an increasingly compassionate response. But how do we respond compassionately when we encounter difficulty or conflict whether within or without?

The dialogues of a more compassion engagement can be rehearsed and practiced.

This workshop focuses on the practices that collectively build compassionate approaches and language around commonly shared difficulties.

Includes 3 x training and practice sessions along with morning tea, lunch, cups of tea and coffee.

Cost is Dana on a sliding scale contribution between $40 – $80pp.

Bookings required.

Select the booking option that suits you.

Participants must have done previous workshops through Tig-Le House to attend. Bookings essential

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