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5-day metta meditation semi-silent retreat October 2024 at Fair Harvest

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5-day Mettā meditation semi-silent retreat November 2024 at Fair Harvest

Date: 7th to 11th of October 2024

Location: Fair Harvest Permaculture farm

Mettā, a Pali term, can be translated as “the ever-present possibility for friendship.” Mettā meditation is a natural extension of our mindfulness, and it allows us to cultivate deeper friendships, love, and kindness with ourselves, others, the world, and life itself. By encouraging and developing our natural Mettā state, we can learn how to make friends with life, holding life dear.

Practice helps us find meaningful sources of love, kindness and understanding within our lives. It enables us to live filled with greater tenderness and goodwill and to create healthy relationships to life and experiences. Through practice and understanding, we can resolve feelings and experiences of disconnection, separation and isolation caused by unhelpful emotions and feelings such as hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, and excessive self-preoccupation, which are root causes of suffering, harm, prejudice and oppression. Mettā is a harmonizing practice acting as a doorway to a more compassionate connectedness with ourselves, others and the world. Living with Mettā alive in our hearts can awaken us, individually and collectively, to our sameness and the True Refuge humanity and all species deeply need in today’s world.

Mettā meditation is challenging and requires step-by-step meditative instruction that is safe and effective. It is a building process that takes time to develop. In this 5-day semi-silent retreat, you will be guided through the specific meditational stages that can help us rediscover deeper love and affection for life and living and the potential to develop a deeper sense of friendship and friendliness with yourself, others, society, and this exquisite planet Earth.

Experience with mindfulness is essential to join this retreat.

The retreat includes compulsory and optional classes, breaks for rest and respite, simple creative activities, and mindful walking on country. Semi-silent means avoiding sources of overstimulation while staying connected to people and place.

Bookings are required to attend. Experience with mindfulness is essential. Stay onsite or attend daily sessions staying offsite. All welcome.

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