Tig-Le House Newsletter – December 2022 

Tig-Le House Newsletter – December 2022 

Hi friends of Tig-Le,
It has been dynamic this term at Tig-Le, and a big year for us!! And now we are nearly at the end of 2022.
Due to some short closures for health and family this term we have extended the term through to Thursday the 15th of December to make up for missed private and group sessions. Next week will be our last week this year, then we will be closed over the summer.
This has been one of our biggest years for community mindfulness training with all our Wednesday evening 8-week training programs having been fully booked. It requires a lot of determination and hard work to establish mindfulness and so we acknowledge the efforts of all who have attended. It is amazing to see what practice can do in people’s lives. Well done all!!
To those who have committed to regular attendance with the Tuesday mornings open house mindfulness sessions, it is wonderful when there is consistency over a longer period. Consistency helps to build understanding of the central ideas and the techniques involved, crafting the practice more fully, whilst putting it actively into daily living. We never put the development of mindfulness down, it is a life-long practice.

I love mindful walking together; it is such fun and supports the building of community. We walk with a common cause, to move mindfully together in this world. Some profound insights arise from the most ancient of human activities, walking together.
We have had smaller groups attending retreats this year. Most who have joined are regulars, or those who have done previous retreats and/or group sessions with us. This has allowed me to share more detailed insights into mindfulness and the dharma teachings. It has been lovely to have some friends returning who we hadn’t seen since pre-Covid. Retreats this year have brought true joy and real challenge for me as a teacher, in all sincerity thank you.
Next year Tig-Le will run a little differently. There will be an increasing emphasis on 5-day & 10-day nature retreats with small groups done locally and further afield. Also, there will be condensed periods of concentrated dharma study and practice, less regular sessions will be on offer.
Tig-Le is very fortunate to have the support and guidance of a small core Sangha who attend on a regular basis, some ongoing over many years. There are regular open dialogues about Tig-Le House’s direction, aspirations and offerings. We are ever grateful of your support and involvement. New Sangha are always welcomed to become further involved.
Through Tig-Le I will continue to make as many opportunities as possible to support the growth of all our mindfulness and meditative practice. Details of what will be available will be shared in the new year. Our first 5-day nature retreat is up online, and we are taking bookings now, link here at 5-day mindfulness and nature semi-silent retreat (tiglehouse.org)

If you would like to know a little more about the networks of connection that inform the dharma teachings through Tig-Le here is a link to our Lineage tree doc. that we recently created Lineage tree: A Pathway of transmission – Tig-Le House (tiglehouse.org)

Also, the Tig-Le offerings page has some wonderful resources and sacred text you can download Resources and offerings – Tig-Le House (tiglehouse.org)

A reminder please that if you have books out from the Tig-Le in-house library, if you could please return them before the end of term that would be very much appreciated. We do like to get them all back before the long breaks. You can renew your loan or borrow another book for the holidays.
Our well wishes to everyone. Thank you for a fruitful year with many new friends and continuing friendships built on a deep interest in collective health and peace and Refuge in this world.
Metta – may the possibilities for friendliness, love and understanding be forever present.

Ian and family at Tig-Le
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